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Hutong unveils new ‘7 Chillies’ menu

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Time Out Hong Kong

Best known for serving up high-end Northern Chinese dishes, Michelin-starred Tsim Sha Tsui restaurant Hutong is expanding its culinary prowess towards other parts of China with ‘7 Chillies’, a new menu curated with colourful chilies sourced from all over the country, adorning luxurious ingredients from abroad like Hokkaido Scallop, Angus beef and Iberico pork.

Whilst you might expect all the dishes to be hellish levels of hot, the '7 Chillies' menu displays a wide degree of spiciness. The Sichuan green pepper has a citrusy taste that makes for a refreshing combo with thinly sliced squid, while pickled Hainan yellow chilli – with its pungent and sour taste – brings out the savoury flavour of scallops.

Overall, the level of spiciness is more than acceptable even if you don't usually go for hot food. Just don’t bite into those tempting, tiny chillies spread around the plate unless you're a hardened chilli expert. 

The full tasting menu is available for $928 per person from now until the end of March. Rachel Wu. 

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