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Ikea Mooncake 2020
Photograph: Courtesy Ikea Hong Kong

Ikea introduces its first-ever specialty mooncake

Hej! We make mooncakes too!

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Time Out Hong Kong

Ikea is hopping onto the mooncake bandwagon with its debut four fruit-flavoured snowy mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival! Apart from conventional flavours like mango and chocolate, the collection also features a refreshing elderflower with kumquat flavour, as well as lingonberry with cream cheese. If the latter sounds familiar to you, that’s because it is very much inspired by the lingonberry jam that Ikea serves with their meatballs. Though the combination of cream cheese and lingonberry sounds delightful, it seems that we still need some time to rid the association we have of lingonberry jam to meatballs.

Available from September 7 onwards, you’ll be able to find Ikea’s own spin on snowy mooncakes across all four branches in Hong Kong. Priced at $49 per box of four (one of each flavour), let’s see if this affordable mooncake option can out win other mooncake contenders, or whether Ikea should just stick to their hotdogs and cinnamon rolls.

If you’re not that big of a mooncake fan, or you don’t celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, Ikea is also offering three sustainable, autumnal dishes. Available until September 30 for dine-in and takeaway (with 15 percent off), the seasonal menu includes roasted salmon fillet with vegetable medallion, steamed broccoli and hollandaise sauce ($49); veggie balls with mixed grains, green bean, tomato and spinach ragout ($23), and chicken breast pesto caesar salad ($36). For those on a time crunch and want a quick bite on the way out, crisscut fries with cheese sauce ($13) and tofu pudding-flavoured sundae cone ($5) will be served at the bistro. Andrea Wong

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