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Mother Pearl
Photograph: Courtesy Mother PearlCho-cacao

Mother Pearl to celebrate grand opening in Quarry Bay by giving away free cookies

The new shop will open on August 12, offering four new drinks including a collagen-boosting bubble tea for summer.
Written by
Fontaine Cheng

Mother Pearl is set to open a second location on Tong Chong Street this month, offering its signature homemade vegan bubble tea drinks in Quarry Bay. To celebrate, the new shop will be giving away free vegan cookies on Thursday, August 12 from 11am onwards, and has also created four new summer teas that claim both health and beauty benefits. The cookies, available while stocks last, will be given out on a first-come-first-served basis and include chocolate chip, hazelnut praline, and oatmeal, cranberry and raisin flavours.

(Left) Chocolate chip and (right) hazelnut praline cookie

The first new drink, Kiss in Pink (petite $38; regular $44), is a natural pink lemonade-based drink made with fresh rhubarb, lemon, monkfruit sugar, ginger, alkaline water and nata de coco, topped with vanilla rice froth and a pinch of Himalayan pink salt to bring out the flavours of the fruit and add balance.

Kiss in Pink

Then, there is the refreshing cold brew oolong tea, Garden of Eden (petite $40; regular $46), which is made from seasonal organic fruits and a 12-hour Orchid Tieguanyin cold brew mixed with alkaline water, herbs and fresh fruits before turmeric tapioca is added along with collagen ice cubes made using Kapowder's Saviour, a concentrated biotin tonic that helps support collagen production for that 'I just drank a bubble tea that's good for my skin' glow.

Garden of Eden

And if that wasn't enough, they also have summer drinks inspired by Hong Kong cha chaan teng beverages. The Red Bean Frappe (petite $50; regular $56) is a healthy version of the classic red bean ice and combines homemade red bean paste, açaí tapioca, snow swallow – a plant pith secretion that is similar to bird's nest – along with raw almond mylk (dairy-free plant-based milk) slush and coconut mylk froth.

Red Bean Frappe

The other, Cho-cacao (petite $50; regular $56), takes the original cha chaan teng cocoa and turns it into a vegan, dairy-free, and protein-rich drink, thanks to 100 percent cocoa protein slush featuring Kapowder Strength, raw cacao nibs, chia seeds, almond milk, activated charcoal tapioca, and blackstrap molasses among other ingredients.

Mother Pearl Quarry Bay is located at Shop 6B, G/F, Hoi Kwong Court, 13-15 Hoi Kwong Street.

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