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‘Nutritious’ instant noodles are now a thing

Written by
Douglas Parkes

Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, instant noodles are always on the menu somewhere in Hong Kong. There are even various weird flavours you can buy if you get bored of more missionary flavours. If you’ve ever succumbed to a craving for these deep fried bad boys and instantly (yeah, we went there) regretted it, your time of guilt may now be at an end. 

Healthy food delivery company Nosh has just come up with a supposedly ‘nutritious’ version of instant noodles. Officially named ‘pre-packaged noodle soups’ Nosh’s noods currently come in two flavours: beef pho and laksa. Bundled with fresh ingredients and good in the fridge for up to three days, all customers have to do is pour boiling water over the noodles and ingredients and then cook them in the microwave for three minutes. Not only are the ingredients fresh but there’s around 60 percent less sodium in these cup noodles.

Want to find out if they’re as tasty as the real thing or whether they’re Green Cola to regular Coke? They’re available in Park N Shop stores – in the refrigerator sections – across the city, costing around $35.

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