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Ocean Park Hong Kong introduces new VR free fall ride

Written by
Sarah Moran

Thrill seekers, rejoice! If you’re sick and bored of going on the same roller-coasters in Hong Kong, Ocean Park Hong Kong is changing things up by introducing a new virtual reality component to The Abyss, making the already-terrifying free-fall ride even more mind-blowing.

The immersive VR experience begins with riders learning about the mission's background through information boards and augmented reality games prior to hopping on the attraction. The game's true-to-life story setting sees the people of Earth tackling irreversible environmental issues, where selected individuals are tasked to explore alternative habitats for humans in space. Players then don on headsets to enter a virtual world, where they are launched into space and explore Saturn's largest moon, Titan. When meteorites suddenly strike, players are sent on a thrilling journey, evacuating Titan to return to Earth – all while plummeting to the ground in just a few seconds.

Interested in checking out the new VR feature? Visit the theme park between now and July 12 as local, full-time students can enjoy special discounts with tickets for only $249. For those under 12 years old, they only need to pay $125.

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