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Ocean Park
Photograph: Courtesy Ocean Park

Ocean Park to transform into a new resort and leisure destination

The revamp will allow the public free access to the park all year-round

Tatum Ancheta

In a press conference today, Ocean Park chairman Lau Ming-wai announced that the park will no longer be a one-day attraction in the future. Ocean Park will soon pivot its focus to become a resort-like destination in two to three years, allowing free access to visitors to enjoy retail, dining, and entertainment zones and only charge visitors for amusement rides, cable car, and exhibitions. 

Areas that will be converted into dining and entertainment hubs will be outsourced to other service providers in order for the park to become financially sustainable in the long run. Part of the plan is to integrate local conservation and education initiatives connecting the revamped business with other attractions and developments in the Southern District. Projects will include: initiatives for conservation of local and endangered species in and out of Ocean Park; conservation and education programme integration onto Ocean Park facilities; and various engaging activities promoting public awareness and participation in nature conservation. Proposed plans will also strengthen the new wellness-themed zones that have already started last year, providing guests with glamping, trekking, meditation, and yoga retreat facilities that takes advantage of the natural scenery of Ocean Park and its surroundings. 

The business has been struggling over the past year due to the imposed temporary closures brought about by the pandemic. So, to pursue this overhaul project and allow the business stay afloat, the Hong Kong government will grant Ocean Park $1.67 billion in working capital and another $1.12 billion to organise the conservation and education programmes to be integrated within the resort. 

"Ocean Park is grateful for the invaluable support from the public and the government," shares Lau. "The new model of operation enables us to improve, innovate, and invigorate the park in the exciting years ahead. Our renewed direction embodies our vision of advancing Ocean Park into Hong Kong's leading education platform, with a strong mission to promote environmental conservation and protection," he adds. 

Tai Shue Wan Water World rendering

A new 6,400sq mtr water park is expected to open this summer in Ocean Park and will serve as Hong Kong’s first all-weather water park integrating the park's hillside surroundings through a series of terraced platforms and wave pools facing the South China Sea. Lau continues, "leveraging our exceptional location and with the launch of the Water World, we are confident that Ocean Park will play a pivotal role in the Invigorating Island South initiative. We remain steadfast in our commitment to achieving business sustainability and to serving the community of Hong Kong". 

To find more information about Ocean Park's proposed changes, visit to read the official release from the Hong Kong government.

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