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Omni Wok The World dinner event
Photograph: Courtesy Green Monday | From left to right: Sam Lui and Gigi Paulina Ng

OmniFoods teams up with Wendy’s Wok World and Ser Wong Fun for a Chinese vegetarian dinner event

The ‘Omni Wok The World’ dinner will showcase dishes using plant-based OmniPork
Written by
Fontaine Cheng

In collaboration with Sam Lui, a rising talent behind private kitchen ‘Wendy’s Wok World’ which sits on her family’s soy sauce farm in Kwu Tung village, and Gigi Paulina Ng, the owner of century-old Cantonese restaurant Ser Wong Fun, OmniFoods is launching ‘Omni Wok The World’, a dinner event created to raise awareness for vegetarianism in Chinese cuisine. The event also coincides with this year’s Earth Month (April), in hopes to encourage others to fight climate change with diet change.

Ser Wong Fun Omni vegan shark fin soup

The dinner event will take place at Ser Wong Fun, where Sam will take on the wok – creating that elusive smoky flavour and aroma of wok hei – to incorporate OmniPork into Chinese stir-fry dishes. Highlights on the menu include a vegetarian rendition of Ser Wong Fun’s famed snake soup, Omni Soup, which is made with a plant-based broth, plant-based meats including OmniPork strip, Unlimeat beef, and Heura chicken strip, along with dried tangerine peel, shiitake mushroom, black fungus, and variety of fresh vegetables. Other dishes to try include a next-level Mapo tofu style dish of braised beancurd and OmniPork mince in Sichuan chilli sauce; wok-fried vegetarian shark's fin and egg with OmniPork luncheon; and stir-fried Shanghainese style rice cake with OmniPork mince and strip, among others.

OmniPork mapo tofu with fried dough sticks

Tickets for the dinner event are priced at $1,920 for a six-course tasting menu for four people (the ticket is not available for individual sale) and will take place on April 25 to 26 with two rounds each night from 6pm to 7.45pm and 8pm to 9.45pm. 

For more information and tickets, visit the Green Common e-shop here.

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