Ovolo Hotel launches a 14-night quarantine concierge service for returning Hong Kong residents

The accommodation comes with special services that support physical and mental wellbeing


Hong Kong residents returning in the city from overseas countries are required to undergo a 14-day compulsory quarantine at home or with other accommodations. With that in mind, Ovolo Hotel is launching a 14-night quarantine concierge service to accommodate returning Hongkongers. Available at both Ovolo Southside and Ovolo Central, the experience aims to provide guests with a two-week stay full of entertainment, relaxation, and fun. 

Accommodation will include complimentary drinks and mindfulness kits 

The accommodation package will come with a dedicated quarantine concierge who can pre-buy and also drop off items for the guests. Unlimited entertainment will come in the form of free wifi, Apple TV, and Alexa, for all your binge-watching sessions. Guests can wake up in the morning and start the day with a barista-made coffee on the house, complimentary breakfast, and a daily delivery a loot bag full of snacks, and goodies dropped off in front of their door. As the day winds down, Ovolo staff will bring Happy Hour straight to the room with complimentary drinks to help guests relax.

But it’s not all just about relaxation and fun. Ovolo is also committed to making sure that the guests stay fit and healthy, both mentally and physically. Gym gears will be fitted in each room, complete with a yoga mat, gliders, and resistance bands. Anyone who takes over 10,000 steps in their room will be rewarded with a free cold-pressed juice! As for mental wellbeing, every guest will be given a mindfulness kit packed with adult colouring books, brainteasers, and playing cards. Finally, when the end of the isolation is over, Ovolo will bid farewell to the guest with a special bottle of Cava delivered to the room.   

Complimentary food and drinks

“We always try to look on the bright side at Ovolo Hotels. If I had to quarantine, this is how I would want to do it," shares Girish Jhunjhnuwala, CEO of Ovolo Hotels. He then ensures that the premises will stay safe and secure for the guests and cleaned with the highest level of hygiene standards. 

In support of Ovolo member teams who have been furloughed due to the ongoing pandemic, five percent of every sale from the hotel's direct booking will be donated to hospitality staff in need.

For bookings or more information, visit, or email concierge@ovologroup.comTiffany Tsoi

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