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Paint your hotpot and drown bears at The Drunken Pot

Written by
Olivia Lai

It’s that time of year when many restaurants hop on the Art Month bandwagon and start serving art-inspired menus and edible art dishes – just see our round-up for the best. Joining in the action is popular local hot pot joint The Drunken Pot, who has launched a new set menu where diners can get artistic with their meal.

With a truly groundbreaking title, Everybody is an Artist allows you to get creative with more than just your choice of sauces and ingredients and lets you to paint on top of your hot pot. Lasting from now until August 31, your tomato broth base gets slathered in whipped cream and that’s your canvas. Simply pick up one of the edible ‘paintbrushes’ and squirt away with the natural food colours. Aside from painting, you can also decorate your hotpot with a random collection of sweet and savoury ingredients including cotton candy, chocolate chips, dried seaweed strips, fresh bananas and blueberries. 

The Drunken Pot is also rolling out The Crafting Bears as part of its new menu, which allows you to boil cuttlefish paste that’s been sculpted into the shape of colourful bears. Don’t worry, no real bears were harmed in the process.

While the weather is getting warmer, hot pot just got a lot cooler...

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