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Pornhub releases 'ScrubHub' – a parody site filled with handwashing videos
Written by
Jenny Leung

Hongkongers are certainly not new to Pornhub, with the recent social distancing restrictions and work from home arrangements, Hong Kong's visits per day to Pornhub rose from a mere 3.3 percent to a whopping 42.5 percent! It's ok, we get it. There's only so many live music concerts and Korean dramas you can stream online, right? Well, apart from searching for your usual adult entertainment, you can now watch videos of people washing and cleaning their hands in a new parody site called ScrubHub

In efforts to spread awareness on good hygiene practices in current times, Pornhub has joined hands with Ani Acopian and Suzy Shinn – the creators behind another parody site Amazon Dating – to launch this completely SFW video platform dedicated to videos of people washing their hands. 

Click on scandalous titles like 'Hot Girl Goes Wild in Public in Premium POV' and 'Tattooed Bad Boii Gets All Wet' to see various handwashing and sanitising videos that will definitely get you in the wash your hands! 

It's not all just soap and games though. You can also head to its donation page where all proceeds will go to the site's charity partners Invisible Hands, a New York-based charity that delivers groceries and supplies to those in need, and Frontline Foods, a charity that donates healthy meals to hospitals in LA. For every donation you make, you will receive a digital bar of 'Invisible Soap' or bubbles in .gif and .mp4 format, which you can download and use online.

In other words, it's basically a site made for people with a hand fetish but hey, as long as you can get the message across, right?

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