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Smoke & Barrel's Conquer the Beast BBQ platter
Photograph: Courtesy Smoke & Barrel

Smoke & Barrel launches monster BBQ platter eating challenge for diners that dare

We dared. And this is what happened.
Written by
Fontaine Cheng

American smokehouse and barbecue joint Smoke & Barrel has launched a new eating challenge, daring guests to 'Conquer the Beast' and finish a massive BBQ platter of Smoke & Barrel signatures that come straight out of the beast (the beast being their wood-fired smoker) in under 30 minutes.

The platter includes a whopping amount of food including 300g of All American brisket, half a rack of baby back ribs, 400g of pulled pork, three pieces of jalapeño cornbread, one bowl of French fries, one bowl of homemade baked beans, and if you can get through all of that, a mud pie ice cream sundae to finish it off. But before you take on the challenge, you'll have to sign a liability waiver and agree to the risks of the challenge.

Smoke & Barrel beef brisket

Those who complete the challenge and actually conquer the beast will win a $1,000 Smoke & Barrel dining voucher, a shiny plaque with your name on the wall, and of course, sweet eternal glory in the hall of meat fame. Plus, the whole platter is free! Those who fail the challenge, however, will need to pay $800 for the platter.

Conquer the Beast is available every night from 6pm to 10pm. The minimum required number of participants is one person only, and advanced reservations must be made via phone or email to the restaurant.

Hungry for the challenge, we went in to take this beast head-on, and this was the result.

Editor's note: No food waste was created in the making of this video. Any leftover food in our videos is always shared with the crew to enjoy after filming. Smoke & Barrel is happy for you to share any leftover food from your platter if you fail the challenge and settle the fee.

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