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Social distancing measures extended in Hong Kong until May 7

Bars, pubs, clubs, and other facilities will remain closed for two weeks after original April 23 date
Written by
Sam Evans

The government has announced that the social distancing measures put in place in early April will now be extended until May 7. The restrictions, initially scheduled to be lifted on April 23, include the temporary closure of all the city's bars, pubs, clubs, and other facilities like gyms and cinemas, as well as the requirement for restaurants to operate at half capacity and seat groups apart from each other. The measures also include a ban on public gatherings of more than four people.

While the government expressed that the extension was a difficult decision due to the continued impact on business and the lives of Hongkongers, they remain adamant that this is the best course of action so as not to undo the increasingly positive results the city has seen over the past few weeks. 

Check out our regularly updated page about the social distancing restrictions and rules on public gatherings to keep you informed of developments as they happen. 

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