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Time Out Hong Kong Sex & Dating Survey 2022
Photograph: Time Out Hong Kong

Time Out Hong Kong Sex & Dating Survey 2022

You and me baby we ain't nothin' but mammals

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Time Out Hong Kong

It's been quite the ride navigating lockdowns and mandates that show no signs of abating anytime soon in Hong Kong. Remember the good old days of catching flights and not feelings? Most of us are certainly not catching flights, and desperately trying to dodge Covid-19, which has undoubtedly shifted the way we mate, date and relate.

Whether you're single, in a relationship, stuck in some undefined twilight zone, or taking a vow of celibacy, we're keen to hear how your love life's been getting on and also how you've been getting it on. Give us all of the dirty deets - anonymously - in our Time Out Hong Kong Sex and Dating Survey 2022

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