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Watch the highlights from our Moonrise Picnic and be the first to know about our latest events

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Time Out Hong Kong

Earlier this month, Time Out Hong Kong debuted its Moonrise Picnic at China Hong Kong City. The open-air event attracted more than 100 guests and featured a specially curated dinner (packed in good ol’ fashioned wicker baskets of course) served against a backdrop of our home city’s iconic skyline.

As Pilsners were poured and fine wines sipped, guests also had a chance to hear from some of Hong Kong’s finest singer-songwriters, including Per Se, Shandy Gan, Cath Wong and Jules O’Brien. Check out all the highlights from that evening in our video below.

We’ll be planning more Time Out experiences in the upcoming months, including our inaugural Bar Awards party on December 5 (details to be announced). In the meantime, be sure to sign up for our newsletter for first-hand information on all our events.

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