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Water-soluble Invisible Bag launched by Hong Kong company

Local innovators create a new type of bag that helps to reduce plastic waste

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Time Out Hong Kong

Hong Kong-based, eco-friendly company Distinctive Action has launched an 'invisible bag', a vessel that resembles a plastic bag, yet is completely water-soluble, meaning it can be dissolved in water after being used – in contrast to a plastic bag that takes decades to naturally degrade. The company aims to raise awareness against pollution, which is a good thing seeing how plastic pollution is becoming an increasing problem in our world today.

These special bags are made of polyvinyl alcohol and plant-based starch, which dissolves without a trace when you pour hot water on it after use. Whether you find the need for disposable bags for your grocery trips, outdoor adventures or even packaging, you can make a contribution towards a healthier planet. You can order these bags online with packs starting from $30. Hoi Man Yau

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