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Bread Pantry
Photograph: Courtesy Bread Pantry

You can now get Bakehouse bread (minus the queue) at the supermarket

The popular bakery launch its retail brand Bread Pantry with sliced sourdough
Written by
Fontaine Cheng

Bakehouse, with locations in Wan Chai and Central, is celebrated for its delightful baked goods created by French founder and baker Grégoire Michaud, but it’s also well known for its winding queues of pastry-loving patrons especially on the weekends. Well, good news Bakehouse fans, as they’ve recently launched a brand of handmade bread called Bread Pantry, which brings Grégoire's famed sourdough bread to food halls and supermarkets such as Market Place by Jasons, Wellcome, and other retail outlets across Hong Kong, making it easier, and more convenient, for us all to get our hands on Bakehouse bread.

Sourdough baguettes

The signature sourdough, which takes over 36 hours to develop through a natural fermentation process, is transformed into a square, pre-sliced and home-friendly size designed to fit most toasters. These loaves are currently available in three different flavours including toasted grains, rustic white, and malted wholemeal sourdough. Other items from the series include a signature country farmhouse sourdough which is perfect for sandwiches and stone-baked artisanal rolls that are made to accompany any meal. 

Malted wholemeal sourdough

Bread Pantry’s loaves are made with premium natural ingredients sourced directly from producers including flour from the Girardeau Family’s Suire Mill in Boussay, France, Guérande sea salt, filtered water, and 15-year-old natural levain. The result of which is bread with balanced acidity and bold flavours. The loaves are then baked traditionally in stone-bed ovens and delivered daily.

For Bread Pantry's complete list of retail locations, visit the brand's official website and Instagram for the latest information.

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