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The Ale Project (TAP)
Photograph: Courtesy The Ale Project (TAP)

Young Master’s The Ale Project returns to Mong Kok

TAP reopens just two doors down from their original location

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Time Out Hong Kong

After closing down their original venue last September, Tap - The Ale Project is reopening their taproom, except they’re moving two doors down on Hak Po Street in Mong Kok. 

Much like its previous location, the new taproom will offer casual vibes with 18 craft beer taps to choose from, as well as a revamped food menu that includes new dishes and fan favourites from the past. The new interior remains stripped back to better showcase the beer taps themselves, which feature everything from locally brewed beers to experimental beers fermented with a cocktail of wild yeasts. As you walk in, you’ll be greeted by a band of beer experts that are more than happy to help you with your beer choices and queries. So much so, that they almost expect that there will be pitchers of lambics and imperial stouts going around in no time.

Food-wise, crowd-pleasers like the duck egg yolk 'Golden Fries' or the polarising Corianger burger topped with deep-fried coriander, will remain on the menu. New dishes will feature unique spins with flavours from all over the world – think Mexican street corn smothered with fu yu, or fermented bean curd, Chinese cured pork belly paired with mac and cheese, and a classic smackable Smash Burger. Erika Yip

Get ready to revisit old memories or go sample a few new flavours at Tap - The Ale Project on 13 Hak Po Street in Mong Kok. For more updates, visit their Facebook or Instagram pages.

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