Chachawan pops up at Tong Chong Street Market

Photograph: Courtesy ChaChaWan
Photograph: Courtesy ChaChaWan
Kheaw Wan Nuer
Photograph: Courtesy ChaChaWan
Mango sticky rice
Photograph: Courtesy ChaChaWan

Time Out says

Thai chef Narisara Somboon brings the rustic flavours of Isaan to the market

Giving Hong Kong a taste of Thailand this summer, Chachawan is popping up for the first time at Tong Chong Street Market (TCSM) from May 31 to July 2 on Mondays to Fridays from 11am to 3pm. The pop-up menu offers a variety of Chachawan's most popular dishes that feature the super-additive sweet-salty-sour-spicy flavour profile that we have all come to love, as well as sweet treats and refreshing drinks.

Highlights include the pounded green papaya salad, or Som dtum Thai ($35); the Pad kra prao moo ($78) with minced pork, basil and garlic stir fry on Thai jasmine rice; Phad Thai ($88) noodles with prawns and tofu; and the grilled marinated chicken thigh with jasmine rice, or Gai Yang ($98), which are all perfect for a hearty Thai lunch. They're also offering a dish called Kheaw wan nuer ($88) which is a green curry made with beef, peas, aubergine, and coconut cream on rice which is available exclusively at TCSM. Complete the meal with classic mango sticky rice ($68) and transport yourself to Thailand instantly. 

Add ons are also available with the main dishes, including fried egg ($10). You can also quench your thirst with their menu of drinks including Thai iced milk tea (+$10 add on; $38 a la carte), fresh lime soda (+$10 add on; $25 a la carte), Longan nahn (+$20 add on; $38 a la carte), and fresh young coconut (+$30 add on; $45 a la carte).


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