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Larry Tang, Fama Group
Photograph: Courtesy of Sohofama

Creating communities through food (part two)

A continuing conversation with Hong Kong’s F&B innovators

Time Out Hong Kong in partnership with Foodpanda

In part two of Foodpanda's community series — where we shine a light on the creators behind our favourite homegrown brands — we continue the conversation with Bobsy from Mana!, co-founder Laura of Uma Nota, and Chef Mak from Tim Ho Wan, joined by Larry from SohofamaLarry Tang founded Fama Group in an effort to reconnect consumers with farmers and food producers, and to fill a gap he saw in the market for healthy, delicious dining options.

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For first-timers
Photograph: Courtesy Sohofama

For first-timers

Larry: From Sohofama I would recommend the xiao long bao, sweet and sour Prawns with pomegranate, and chorizo fried rice, and Supafood for something quick, casual and healthy.

Laura: We always try to guide our guests at Uma Nota to order drinks first because that kind of sets the tone for the evening. I would definitely guide them to try either the dadinhos, which is one of my favourite snacks, or coxinhas because that’s also very typical of Brazil.

Chef Mak: My favourite dim sum from Tim Ho Wan is our steamed rice vermicelli rolls. We put tremendous effort into making them, from selecting the ingredients, to mixing the rice vermicelli, to sauces. It all takes great effort to make this delicate dish and to hit a perfect balance.

 The experience
Photograph: Courtesy of Mana!

The experience

Larry: Our eating habits collectively have a huge impact on our planet, we all have three opportunities every day to vote for the businesses who are creating the future we want. We want people to leave thinking 'didn’t know healthy food can taste damn good, let me start eating healthier too'.

Bobsy: What I like about Foodpanda is that you guys are friendly. You know, you are making so much more effort. You’re really working hard. Because we work hard too, constantly improving our brand, and we could see the same with Foodpanda. I really did feel like this was the next step in the evolution of Foodpanda, evolving into caring more about what matters to Mana! customers, sustainability and health. As delivery partners, if we can develop that more and go down the line that’s a bit more green, a bit more sustainable, I think more and more customers will appreciate that.

Laura: We want our guests to have a very different experience every time they come here. Whether it’s for a drink or a small bite to eat, whether it’s with a group of friends or for a business meeting, we want our guests to feel that there is a quality that’s thoughtfully powering our service, not just behind the food, the drinks and every little detail that’s put into the overall dining experience. This is what represents us as a brand, a harmonious mix and careful balance of all the meticulous little things coming together that make our brand unique and guest-centric.

Chef Mak: I want our guests to feel as though they’ve received a taste of traditional Cantonese dim sum at each outlet they visit. I want people from all different places to experience this authentic taste of Hong Kong.

What's new
Photograph: Courtesy of Mama Malouf

What's new

While we said goodbye to Mana! Central earlier this summer, Mana!’s largest branch has opened in Soho. Along with your favourite flats, burgers and salads, this location introduces the flatzza – half pizza, half flatbread – and is also home to Hong Kong's first vegan cheese deli. Mana! Soho is now available on Foodpanda. 

What's more, Foodpanda's More Than Food campaign is offering discounts on a handful of popular restaurants (varying from district to district), including Honbo, Mama Malouf, La Rotisserie, Limewood, Dough Bros, 11 Westside, Alvys, Second Draft and many more. For free delivery for the entire month of July, enter the code MORETHANFOOD at checkout. 

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