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Hong Kong’s best... Clay pot rice

Best enjoyed on a chilly wintry day, or any other day, with Chinese sausage and sweet soy sauce over a bed of fragrant rice and the quintessential slightly burnt crispy layer at the bottom.

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Time Out Hong Kong

Choi’s Kitchen
This restaurant boasts an awesome selection of clay pot rice items. The steamed eel clay pot rice and pork with shrimp paste rice are both much loved by Choi’s regulars. The pig’s stomach and white pepper soup goes really well when eaten with the crispy rice in the clay pot. 9-11 Shepherd St, Tai Hang, 3485 0501. $200.

Forum Restaurant
You might not think this high-end restaurant would pay much attention to clay pot rice, but the winter menu features a delicious selection of casserole-cooked carbs. The menu ranges from the most ordinary pickled Chinese olives and short ribs rice to ones made from seafood and the restaurant’s famous abalone. 485 Lockhart Rd, Causeway Bay, 2869 8282. $1,000.

Kwan Kee
Kwan Kee’s widespread popularity owes much to the charcoal-fired clay pot rice dishes, which arrive with a layer of crispy, just-slightly-burnt rice at the bottom. Although the wait is long, it really pays off when you can finally get to taste the rice. 263 Queen’s Rd, Western District, 2803 7209. $200.

Ser Wong Fun
Hailed as one of the greatest and oldest Cantonese restaurants in the city, Ser Wong Fun not only impresses food lovers with its exquisite selection of traditional cuisine and snake soup, but its clay pot rice is equally delicious. Ser Wong Fun has long been acclaimed for its preserved Chinese sausage and its pig liver sausage and chicken clay pot rice is definitely a must-try during the cold winter months. 30 Cochrane St, Central, 2543 1032. $250.

Wing Hap Shing
At first glance, this may look just like any other ordinary cha chaan teng but what distinguishes this place from others is its highly praised sliced beef clay pot rice that they do once the mercury dips. The tender, fresh meat is topped with a raw egg, which slowly cooks from the heat of the rice. Wing Hap Shing also does several clay pot dishes loaded with seasonal ingredients such as fresh eel. 113-115 Jervois St, Sheung Wan. 2850 5723 & 2850 5726. $150.

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