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Special feature: Lobster Bobo by Eddy

Lobster for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Visit this scrumptious Central restaurant...

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Time Out Hong Kong

Chef Eddy Leung is well-known on the Hong Kong dining scene. He pioneered our city’s private kitchen industry more than 10 years ago with Poison Ivy. He’s worked for some of the biggest restaurants in the SAR as anything from pot-washer to executive chef, like those at The Ritz-Carlton. He’s the boss of eateries like G7 Private Dining and upscale French restaurant Chez Ed. And he’s also the brains behind Lobster Bobo, a Central venue that moved from its home in Jubilee Street’s Haleson Building in September to its current premises in Queen Victoria Street.

Lobster Bobo, says chef Leung, has been a huge success of late. This is an eatery that serves lobster dishes with classic and contemporary Chinese and Asian styles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The chef also says that the restaurant’s takeaway service, that comes with a 10 percent reduction for pick-ups, is booming as people from across the SAR are ordering their lobster and seafood dishes by the bucketload each day. He’s even now delivering to a private jet firm whose customers just can’t get enough of his rich-yet-affordable creations.

Leung, who has been cooking since he was a young child in Hong Kong, has created a host of stellar signatures at Lobster Bobo. The must-tries include the signature lobster laksa ($108), which arrives with a whole lobster tail and a drunken egg. The broth is spicy and tangy, with a rich taste of the crustacean running throughout the entire meal. The signature pan-fried rice-noodle rolls with lobster bisque ($68) also shine with guests. These chewy rice rolls soak in the creamy bisque and hit the palate with an array of tangy notes. Chef Leung says he actually was inspired to create this dish by his uncle who sold rice rolls from a market stall in Sha Tin many years ago. There’s a history, a story, here which can be tasted in the premium ingredients.

The prices are really reasonable here too. And that includes the ever-popular breakfast and afternoon tea sets. Enjoy the all-day brekkie that comes with macaroni in lobster bisque, scrambled Japanese eggs with lobster tail, toast and butter, and coffee or tea ($128). Or the one with satay wagyu beef cheek with instant noodle soup, sunny-side-up Japanese egg, toast and butter, and coffee or tea ($68), showing that there’s way more than just quality seafood at Lobster Bobo. Also try the dinner for two menu at $328, which comes with the likes of deep-fried tofu with black pepper and rock salt, udon with lobster medallion in hot lobster broth and a selection of drinks.

While you’re at Lobster Bobo, in fact, you must try the crispy stuffed lobster claw with lobster sauce ($68). This is a dish that combines an array of flavours and textures, like the outside of the ball that houses the lobster meat and dough, plus the tanginess and richness of the sauce that combines to create a symphony on the palate. Also snap up the Lobster laksa ($108) and the Hainanese chicken laksa ($88) dishes. In fact, chef Leung is shortly to open Hainan by Eddy, a venue that’s to focus on Hainanese chicken and rice among other creations, in a nearby street. Again, he’s not all about the lobster. But he is one of our city’s maestros when it comes to the famous crustacean.

All in all, Lobster Bobo is a treat for both lobster lovers and those who enjoy creative dishes in the heart of Central. This is a restaurant that’s helmed by one of the best-known chefs in Hong Kong and doesn’t hurt your wallet. Head to Queen Victoria Street today. Seafood and eat it! 13 Queen Victoria St, Central, 3622 1246;

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