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  1. Sushiyoshi
    Photograph: Tatum Ancheta Aji and Kisu sushi
  2. Sushiyoshi interior
    Photograph: Courtesy Sushiyoshi
  3. Sushiyoshi
    Photograph: Courtesy SushiyoshiHairy crab sushi with toro
  4. Sushiyoshi
    Photograph: Courtesy Sushiyoshi
  5. Sushiyoshi
    Photograph: Courtesy Sushiyoshi
  6. Sushiyoshi
    Photograph: Courtesy SushiyoshiCarbinero carpaccio

Time Out says

Click the video below for a sneak peek of their new hairy crab menu:

This is the first branch of Osaka's two-Michelin starred Sushiyoshi outside Japan. Chef-owner Nakanoue Hiroki is far from your typical Japanese sushi chef. Not only does he sport vibrant and ever-changing hair, ranging from pink to blue, but he also takes a creative approach to his culinary creations. Seamlessly blending Western ingredients and techniques with traditional Japanese cooking, he offers diners a sushi experience that is both playful and exciting.

To experience the full range of Sushiyoshi's offerings, opt for the omakase, which features 17 to 21 courses. In 2023, chef Hiroki permanently relocated to Hong Kong, and his latest creation, the hairy crab omakase menu, is an absolute must-try this season. One dish that stands out is the melt-in-your-mouth hairy crab sushi with toro and Hokkaido sea urchin, where the sushi rice is substituted with hairy crab meat.

Tatum Ancheta
Written by
Tatum Ancheta


1/F, The Otto Hotel
8 Cameron Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
Opening hours:
Mon-Sun 12.30pm-10.30pm
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