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The Undateables: Vinnie and Henry

Find me a date: Vinnie and Henry

We take two Hongkongers who swear they’re totally undateable, and put our matchmaking skills to the test

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Time Out Hong Kong

“I was 10 minutes late and he was sitting down reading a book, waiting. He looked pretty chilled, but not really the type I would normally date.”
Henry: “I thought she was a pretty, smiley girl with a great Northern Irish accent. Tri-lingual, too – if she picks up Gaelic she could be ambassador to Ireland.”

Vinnie: “It was more of a friends vibe than a romantic one. We talked a lot about previous jobs, food and drink. It wasn’t boring but a certain connection was missing.”
Henry: “We chatted a lot and had several glasses of red wine. I’d like to think that she stuck around because she enjoyed my company. I’d like to see her again.”

Vinnie: “When we first met, I was going to greet him with a handshake but he gave me a hug instead... I didn’t know what to do for a minute.”
Henry: “I went for a hug and French greeting when we first met, but strange timing meant it was more of an Eskimo kiss.”

Vinnie: “Nothing special. We had a few drinks after dinner and then we shared a taxi since we were both going in the same direction.”
Henry: “We took a taxi back towards New Territories where we both live. I rolled back home and went straight to bed.”

Vinnie: ♥♥ “We chatted a lot and I do think he was very funny. But there just wasn’t a spark. I think we can meet again, though, to have a casual dinner.”
Henry: ♥♥♥ “I’d say four out of five. We ate, we laughed, we drank, we split a bottle of wine. I think that’s a sign of a nice evening.”

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Vinnie: “A great date spot, loved the atmosphere. Staff were really friendly and the food was very tasty – loved the sautéed prawns a lot.”
Henry: “Hung Tong had a great view and some nice wines. The crispy fried chicken was the best. Very tender, full of flavour. Loved the crispy skin.”

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