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Charlotte Tsuei

Interview: Charlotte Tsuei

Denise Chan chats to the founder of Caelum Greene, Hong Kong’s very first athleisure store

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Time Out Hong Kong

Athleisure has made its mark as a major contender in today’s fashion realm, where it’s become a hot trend among sports fanatics and lifestyle enthusiasts alike. And Charlotte Tsuei, founder of Hollywood Road’s latest fashion and lifestyle store, is no exception. A wellness devotee herself, Tsuei took a brave leap this year and opened the city’s very first dedicated athleisure shop, Caelum Greene.

The story behind the name? “The Latin word ‘caelum’ means the skies and universe and ‘greene’ is a play on the colour, which is anonymous in meaning but reflects the ethos of the company,” states Tsuei. “I wanted the name to sound like a person – a modern day urbanite that our customers could relate to,” she describes.

Athleisure is only one component of Caelum Greene, where lifestyle and eco-friendliness are also in focus. From the use of low energy LED lights, paper bags and recycled wood, the shop is all about reducing environmental impact right down to a minimum. The environment may be a key element in Caelum Greene’s purpose but not at the expense of style and comfort. From fashion items to swimwear and home products, every brand has been carefully researched and selected for its mindfulness and intention. “The brands available are aligned with what we’re looking for in terms of a missionised mix,” Tsuei says. “Hopefully we’re creating a platform to approach designers and to let them know that we are here and are happy to work with them,” she concludes.

Caelum Greene offers more than 50 international and local brands including Lanston, Purearth and Olympia just to name a few. Tsuei also hopes to expand further into the local market, working with local designers, especially those focused on upcycle fashion and using recycled materials in their products. Tsuei reveals: “I felt that there wasn’t a fashion business in Hong Kong that catered to modern day women who wear many hats and work hard to be their best every day – professionally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

Tsuei hopes her passion for style and wellness reflects on Hong Kong in a positive way and we’re excited to see how Caelum Greene continues to grow while keeping style and sustainability at the forefront.

Caelum Greene 90-92 Hollywood Rd, Central, 2548 1827;

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