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Petra Greening Hollow the Label

Talking Shop: Petra Greening of Hollow the Label

We chat with the Shek O-based designer about her love of resort fashion and launching her own minimalist swimwear brand

Written by
Olivia Lai

Flowing summer dresses, stylish bikinis and floppy straw hats are the best companions for beach trips and tropical vacations. Sadly, stores in Hong Kong tend not to offer the greatest selection when it comes to this sort of summerwear. Swimsuits are either ridiculously over the top and overpriced, or are strips of fabric that barely cover anything. Providing a solution to this problem is Hollow the Label, a local e-commerce resortwear brand launched by Petra Greening last October. Greening, who lives near Shek O beach, has marshalled her love for design, travel and the sea into the creation of a sensational new collection of minimalist women’s swimwear.

“I fell in love with the clothes that women take on holiday,” recalls Greening. “The fabrics are different, more relaxed and colourful.  There’s a sense of romanticism to it. That’s where my swimwear idea comes from.” Greening had long dreamt of being a fashion designer – she used to sew clothes for her Barbie dolls and has experience in fashion PR and graphic design. She also saw a need to provide Hong Kong women with swimsuits that aren’t overly elaborate and busy. “I felt like women were hiding their bodies with loud prints and heavy padding,” she says. “Although that’s the norm in Hong Kong, I wanted to stay away from it. That’s why simplicity and minimalism play a big role in my collection. I wanted to create straightfoward European cuts with understated colours.”

The website is simple. With three classic cut designs offered in several muted colours that also sculpt and hug your curves, Greening’s creations allow you to mix and match any style and colour you want. The philosophy behind Hollow is that that you should wear your swimsuit and not let it wear you. Another winning factor is that it’s all seriously affordable too – bikini bottoms are as low as $235 and nothing on the catalog costs more than $390.

While the brand is still in its infancy, Greening hopes to expand her collection to include resort-style clothing as well. Working with other local boutique businesses is also critical for her. Aside from its online platform, you can pick up Hollow products at independent shops like Mahka.

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