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Thriller Live

Thriller Live is coming to Macao

Thriller Live is the inaugural production to be staged at brand new resort, The Parisian Macao. Elizabeth Purvis previews the tribute to the King of Pop before the curtain goes up

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Time Out Hong Kong

Thriller Live is a hugely successful and long-running show paying tribute to the music of Michael Jackson. Now, the production is moonwalking its way from London’s West End to Macao’s Cotai Strip. The Parisian Theatre is to be its home from September 30 until November 13 and the show is the first to be held at the newly unveiled 1,200-seat theatre.

Filling in the patent leather shoes of the King of Pop is Sean Christopher, who has played the iconic pop star on stage for three years. With vocals that grab the listener and a stage presence that leaves the audience breathless, Christopher’s performance brings to life some of the musical magic of the deceased superstar. Helming the Macao production is the experienced Britt Quentin, resident director of the West End version for the past six years. The Detroit native is a man with an extensive background in music and Quentin has produced multiple albums and vocal arrangements for award-winning ensembles around the world.

Unlike other theatrical tributes to great bands that tell the story of a group or construct an original narrative using a band’s back catalogue, like the Queen-inspired We Will Rock You, Thriller Live is a straight-up concert, packing as many of Jackson’s greatest hits into a glitzy, high-energy show as possible. Expect to hear classics like Billie Jean, inspired by Jackson 5 groupies who claimed to have relationships with the brothers, Beat It, an iconic song and MV about gang violence, and the classic cool of Smooth Criminal.

Throughout his career, Jackson’s songs had the power to unite people from all walks of life, a legacy that’s endured even after his untimely passing. With an exceptionally talented cast performing some of the greatest songs of recent time, Thriller Live does justice to the King of Pop’s memory and reminds audiences of his massive contribution to our culture, music and identities.

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