The ultimate guide to Tel Aviv nightlife: bars, clubs & eats

Here’s the thing, we know how to party...All. Night. Long. Care to join us?

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By Time Out Israel Writers

A city that never sleeps needs a high dose of adrenaline pumping through it at all times to stay awake. Whether that adrenaline comes from excellent sugar-infused cocktails, 3 a.m. eats, or head throbbing Tel Aviv clubs that go past the wee hours of the morn and right into Israeli breakfast time, is irrelevant. What is relevant is the abundance of options once the sun sets. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best of the best on Dizengoff, Allenby, Rothschild and more for the ultimate nocturnal guide to Tel Aviv nightlife. Are you up to the challenge? See how many can you tackle in one night.

A Tel Aviv nightlife round-up

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The best bars in the White City

Israel’s 24-hour party capital may have a village-like feel (going clubbing via bicycle is a rite of passage), but the thriving Tel Aviv nightlife scene features a fusion of parties crammed full of character, chutzpah and never-ending 'carpe diem'. Buckle up, because soon you’ll discover that the party never stops – it’s wild, it’s sexy and it’s damn addictive.

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The best venues in the Tel Aviv nightlife scene to hear live music

The Tel Aviv nightlife scene is booming with funky beats, internationally renowned DJs and bands that can only truly be appreciated live. While some fancy the casual cocktail or a slightly more alternative Tel Aviv nightlife option, like a catching an Israeli movie at Lev or the Cinematheque, the real magic lies in the Tel Aviv live music scene. From iconic establishments like Barby and Zappa that host festivals up the kazoo, to all-night Jazz jams and so much more, these are the best venues in the nonstop City to listen to nonstop live music. You’ll crawl into bed with a smile on your face – ears still ringing and blood still pumping – after a night at these venues.

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Bars, Cocktail bars

The top cocktail bars in the White City

The Israeli culture capital is renowned for many things, but it takes less than a week in the White City to recognize its two main local pastimes: the beaches in Tel Aviv and booze. As the sun starts to set, Tel Avivians migrate from the shores of the Mediterranean to the streets of Dizengoff, Rothschild and Allenby for happy hour cocktails before a big night out in the Tel Aviv nightlife scene.

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Nightlife, Clubs

The hottest clubs on the Tel Aviv nightlife scene

It’s not a myth. Tel Aviv’s known as ‘the city that never sleeps’ for a reason. From a booming Tel Aviv nightlife bar scene to a collection of one-of-a-kind cocktail bars, you’d be silly to call it an early night in the White City. 

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The Best Rooftop Bars in Tel Aviv

Drinking is fun. But drinking on a rooftop is exponentially more kickass. It feels like summer even when it's not and having a view to gaze out at, whether overlooking Rothschild boulevard or nestled in Neve Tzedek, makes it so much better. 

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The most hipster bars in Tel Aviv

Calling all Israeli dancers, poets, writers, musicians and performance artists! The hipster scene is growing faster than Florentin can handle, and space at its hole-in-the-wall dives is limited. This has caused an overflow of beard-sporting, plaid-wearing, non-caring cool kids to bleed over into the Tel Aviv nightlife scene in search of a new spot to chill. Never fear, Time Out is here – with a lineup of cool bars to choose from. 

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Tel Aviv nightlife's top pickup bars

You can wander along Dizengoff Street, the Tel Aviv Port, or Rothschild Boulevard and come across endless alternatives to Tinder-ing, but when time is of the essence, zone in on one of these tried-and-true pickup spots - all of which are guaranteed to be hot zones for flirty shenanigans and midnight barstool make out sessions. Here’s a look at the best pickup bars and clubs that are part of the Tel Aviv nightlife scene.

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A drinker’s guide to Dizengoff

Lightweights beware. This central Tel Aviv strip may look pretty during the daytime hours, with plenty of shopping spree temptations like antique markets, malls and designer jewelry and clothing boutiques, but come sundown, Dizengoff Street transforms into a bustling bar scene. 

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The best bars in Tel Aviv with outdoor patios

Tel Avivians wait anxiously all winter long for those suffocating plastic patio covers to come down and the fresh White City air to flow in. With the sun shining bright and the rain out of the picture, there is nothing more satisfying than soaking up some rays while drinking the day away on a patio. 

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Sex and dating

10 spots to take a first date in Tel Aviv

Searching for romance in the White City can feel as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie. However, when you find that special someone – whether through an impulsive (possibly accidental) right swipe or running shirtless along the beaches of Tel Aviv – it’s important to make a lasting first impression. 

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Nine awesome 24/7 Tel Aviv restaurants and cafés for the local insomniacs

After all, we are the city that never sleeps...might as well hold true to our name with a city of nonstop eats. Whether it’s the afternoon and you’re craving a coffee and pastry, 3 a.m. and you’re feeling the dreadful drunchies, or 10:30 in the morning and you dreamt all night of Benedict's blueberry pancakes drenched in ‘faple’ syrup, the Tel Aviv restaurant scene has something for you. Hit up any one of these nine 24/7 hot spots any time of day (or night) for consistent service, quality eats, and happy living. Bon Appetit!

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Allenby from A to Z: a never-ending guide to Tel Aviv's never-ending street

By day, Allenby Street is a chaotic bundle of bargain shops with a few designer boutiques squeezed in between. By night, the long, long road that used to be abandoned, is growing steadily into the place for never-ending Tel Aviv nightlife fun. From live music to karaoke, the best restaurants in Tel Aviv to the latest street food markets and drunk munch, happy hour to all-you-can-drink, Allenby has got it all...and more! 

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These Tel Aviv restaurants will satisfy your post-partying hunger

The tests are complete, the results have returned and unfortunately, your condition is quite serious. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news – especially after such an exhausting night of drinking down Dizengoff, barhopping along Allenby, and getting thrown out of that club on Rothschild – but, it seems you are suffering from a bad case of the ‘drunchies’. Yes, we know, it’s dreadful. 

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The best Tel Aviv nightlife spots to actually hear yourself speak

The Tel Aviv nightlife scene can be loud & proud, with no talking allowed. In other words, the adrenaline pumping music that blasts through the clubs and echoes down Rothschild Boulevard, Allenby Street and even Jaffa's alleyways can make it difficult to actually meet someone and hold a conversation. 

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The best bars and restaurants surrounding Tel Aviv’s Great Synagogue

Only in Tel Aviv – the cultural capital of Israel – could the grandest synagogue in town also be the most happening area to grab a drink or a quick bite. With funky chef restaurants like Port Said owned by Tel Aviv street food icon Eyal Shani, the tastiest Thai food in the city, and the juiciest burger in Tel Aviv just nextdoor on Allenby, the Great Synagogue is the focal point for a foolproof evening out. Not to mention, the area is home to a stellar Tel Aviv nightlife scene, spinning cool beats that draw the hipsters over from their Florentin cave. So come one, come all, come early because these popular bars and restaurants around the Great Synagogue fill up fast.

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Tel Aviv nightlife: five hidden speakeasies

Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, but Time Out Israel has rounded up the finest speakeasy bars in Tel Aviv. Step out of your cozy café comfort zone and into the roarin’ American jazz age at these hidden bars where the art of mixology is no joke, especially at the newest addition: Butler. 

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Tel Aviv's divinely romantic wine bars

Not everyone is cut out for the crazy Tel Aviv nightlife scene. Or perhaps they were at one point – back in the day of the dinosaur – but years of thirsty Thursdays, cocktail hours and drinking one’s way down Dizengoff can get the best of you. Just like with wine, when it comes to people, "good things come with age" too. 

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A guide to alternative Tel Aviv nightlife

Whether you’re looking for a less rowdy night out or you’re just not feeling the Thursday night bracelet bar / Friday morning hangover combination, there are plenty of things to do in Tel Aviv once that Mediterranean sun sets. From less costly late night activities like a picnic in HaYarkon Park or sharing a bottle of cheap wine and a box of pizza with friends at the beach, to fun adventures like conquering our list of must-try Israeli escape rooms, the White City has got an alternative activity for all types. 

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The five best bars inside Tel Aviv hotels

When skimming over our list of top cocktail bars and speakeasies, you may be surprised as to how many are situated within boutique hotels in Tel Aviv. From the classy Library bar inside the Norman hotel to the Imperial cocktail bar, where Time Out Tel Aviv’s Eating and Drinking Awards winner for best cocktail is stirring up wild concoctions with a seasonal menu, to the newest addition to the Tel Aviv rooftop bar scene atop the Poli House, these five drinking establishments are a must.

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Five Tel Aviv bars with the happiest of happy hours

There is nothing more rewarding than sitting down at a cocktail bar on Dizengoff or grabbing a beer near the Carmel Market after a long day at the office. After all, you've earned it. While the Tel Aviv nightlife scene can do major damage to your wallet, not to mention the cost of post-clubbing drunchies that creep up late at night, food and drank doesn’t have to drain your entire day’s earnings. That’s where these five White City happy hour deals come in – from discounted cocktails to half-off food, these Tel Aviv bars have just the thing to tie you over before a big night out, or give you a reason to head home for a nap or hunker down early.

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Go hard or go home at these bracelet bars – a Tel Aviv nightlife staple

What do you mean you haven’t heard of a bracelet bar before? The unlimited drinking establishments are all of the rage right now and a key player in the Tel Aviv nightlife scene. The concept is simple: buy a bracelet, put on that bracelet, drink, drink, drink some more until the White City bar closes down. In central Tel Aviv nightlife locations like Dizengoff, Rothschild and one just steps from the best beaches in Tel Aviv, the combination of bottomless booze, themed decorations and hats to match (like Tangier’s fez or Biggy Z’s sombrero) is unbeatable. Sometimes quantity trumps quality. Just don’t forget to avoid alcohol poisoning after all those tequila chasers and Israeli wine by grabbing a slice at one of the drunk munch restaurants in Tel Aviv on your walk home. It may not cure the hangover, but it’ll get you through to tomorrow for a boozy hangover brunch. Try the fantastic four of bracelet bars in the White City:

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