30 last minute things to do in Tel Aviv to not feel as if you've wasted your summer

Finish your summer off with a bang by checking these thirty Tel Aviv adventures off your wish list
Gordon Beach
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Alas...on second thought...woohoo! After countless fights over the 'mazgan' (air conditioner), unsatisfying dips in the bathtub one calls the Mediterranean, and too many field trips to the ice cream parlor to count, the Israeli summer is finally drawing to a close. That being said, the hard truth comes out when dwelling on these hotter months and realizing just how little you've done with your June, July, August, and even September. It's time to seize the day! Make the most of those last weeks and squeeze every last ounce of juice out of Tel Aviv before autumn swoops in with our end of summer todo list.

30 things to do in Tel Aviv in the next 30 days

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Restaurants, Ice cream parlors

Go try Tel Aviv's new chocolate-coma-inducing "Otello Gelato"

icon-location-pin Tel Aviv City Center

When it comes to gelato, Tel Aviv has already secured its key players. Locals love consistency, but once in awhile, a dark horse steps onto the tracks. Otello Gelato, the shiny new Dizengoff ice cream parlor, is that dark horse. Don’t just peer through the huge glass-paneled windows, step inside and choose from a panoply of flavors ranging from salted peanut to all the chocolaty combinations your heart desires. But that’s not all, what really sets Otello apart is their two glorious chocolate fountains–one milk and one white–running at all times. Toss in a hidden surprise at the bottom of each cone and an impressive selection of sorbets and you’ll never want to leave this frozen dessert haven.

Luna Park
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Attractions, Arcades and amusements

Coast your way over to Luna Park

icon-location-pin Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Tel Aviv's Luna Park has endless attractions and adventures, creating a thrilling experience for children of all ages! A visit to Luna Park is the perfect weekend activity for the whole family. Mom, dad, safta, saba, everyone is welcome at Luna to feel the freeing experience of childhood. Luna Park contains dozens of unique rides, with options for all ages from preschool to the elderly. Ride a carousel, roller coaster, colliding cars, waterslides or the Ferris wheel. Play a carnival game and win a giant teddy bear or pig out on junk food. Create memories that will last a lifetime on an exciting weekend or holiday excursion.

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News, Drinking

Grab a cocktail at the Mulberry pop-up before it's gone forever

Usually the words “three-step program” don’t invoke the most positive associations; however, for Jasper Soffer, founder of the Mulberry Project, this is not the case. His three-step program comes in the form of a create-your-own-cocktail menu that invokes nostalgia, individuality, creativity, and comfort.

The Zoological Center of Tel Aviv
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Attractions, Zoo and aquariums

Venture on an African safari

icon-location-pin Ramat Gan

Aptly nicknamed the Ramat Gan "Safari," The Zoological Center of Tel Aviv is as close to an African savannah as you can get, being only a few kilometers outside of Tel Aviv. The African safari park and zoo has over 1,600 species of animals from around the world, many of whom roam freely across the 250 acres of land. Stop by for a visit or tour to witness the hippos lounging in the water pools, the zebras sprinting across the plain, and the ferocious lion pride ruling over the entire park.

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Eat at the newest oceanside restaurant: Calypso TLV

icon-location-pin Tel Aviv Beach 

It seems like everywhere you look Omer Miller is popping up with a new eatery and now he’s at it again! Partnering with David Tor, the man behind the famous nightclub, The Cat and Dog, to bring Calypso, a traditional seafood tavern set against the backdrop of the majestic Mediterranean Sea. Fresh seafood dishes and wistful cocktails are presented through the night in a space where the sea meets the electrifying energy of the city’s nightlife. 

Sussita Beach
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Things to do

Camp out under the summer stars

Israel’s diverse landscape makes it a great place for any nature lover. From the sandy beaches to the colorful northern hills, down to the majestic Negev, there are many great places to sleep under the stars. Whether you want the ocean to lull you to sleep or a freshwater river to jump into in the morning, Israel’s camping destinations are as varied as they are gorgeous. This summer, fill a cooler with some beers and munchies (and a little something to inspire the munchies), borrow a tent, grab your friends, and take a trip to one of these hot camping destinations.

Hotel Montefiore
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Dabble in the art of the boutique brunch

Oh, what a beautiful mornin’, oh, what a beautiful day, I’ve got a beautiful feelin’, mimosas are coming my way. Brunch in Tel Aviv is more than a luxury, it’s a law. Whether you’re coming from an all-night rave, or well-rested and looking for some extra fuel to kickstart your weekend, these five Tel Aviv brunch spots sprinkled in and around Rothschild Boulevard are sure to brighten your day. So grab your girlfriends, children, husbands and wifes, and head out to for an Israeli breakfast smorgasbord–from bottomless buffets to classy French spreads, you’ll never be caught sleeping in ever again.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art
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Visit the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

There’s always space for a little extra Israeli culture in one’s life, especially when it’s so closeby, accessible, and abundant. While Tel Aviv is young in comparison to its ancient country, the beach-based city is flooding with rich Israeli artists and even richer history. These 12 Tel Aviv museums and historical centers are living proof and each very unique from the next. Some take an hour, some take a full day, and some require multiple visits. We encourage you to sample the White City’s entire vibrant art buffet.

Charles Clore Garden
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Things to do

Pack a picnic and soak up the rays

It only takes one summer weekend in Tel Aviv to understand that Saturday picnics are not just an outing, they’re a lifestyle. Save your boozy brunch money for a good ol’ fashion Yogi Bear style picnic in Park Hayarkon, (though the red and white checkered blanket may be slightly more elephant-printed from the Carmel Market). If you’re a fan of those nostalgic lunches that give a whole new meaning to the word 'sand'-wich, head to one of Tel Aviv’s beaches for an ocean-side bite. And when all that homemade food makes you sleepy, it’s time for a quick catnap before continuing the outdoor fun at one of the best outdoor patios or rooftop bars in Tel Aviv.

Gordon Beach
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Enjoy your last beach days

With a welcoming coastline and a selection of some of the best beaches in Israel, we’ve highlighted the most happening Tel Aviv beaches spanning from Jaffa in the south to Tel Aviv Port in the north. For your sand-filled pleasure, spend the day like a local sweating through an intense matkot session, play some volleyball on the Gordon Beach strip, or just lay down and soak up the sun. You don't have to spend a shekel at these beaches; they offer some fun in the sun things to do in Tel Aviv at zero cost. After dark, head for a quick shower at your Tel Aviv boutique hotel or hostel and hit the town for a post-beach bite at some of the best Tel Aviv restaurants serving everything from seafood to Italian. 

Rooftop bars
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Get bubbly on a rooftop

Drinking is fun. But drinking on a rooftop is exponentially more kickass. It feels like summer even when it's not and having a view to gaze out at, whether overlooking Rothschild boulevard or nestled in Neve Tzedek, makes it so much better. Thankfully, Tel Avivians love to get their drink on atop buildings with the beaches of Tel aviv or the Jaffa Port as their backdrop. If wine is your undisputed drink of choice, head to the miles of vineyards in the Golan Heights where Israeli wineries offer a taste of local history, culture and vino. The major party animals, though, will want to stick to the White City where Tel Aviv's nightlife is non-stop and the words 'last call' do not exist unless drunk munch restaurants are in the foreseeable future.

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Then plastered on a patio

Tel Avivians wait anxiously all winter long for those suffocating plastic patio covers to come down and the fresh White City air to flow in. With the sun shining bright and the rain out of the picture, there is nothing more satisfying than soaking up some rays while drinking the day away on a patio. Watch the people walk by on Rothschild Boulevard, experience front row seats to the new kikar Dizengoff in the making, hipster it up happy hour style around the Great Synagogue, or sip veuve clicquot at Neve Tzedek’s Parisian-packed Israeli wine bars. There’s no going wrong with our list of the best bars in Tel Aviv with outdoor patios.

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Tackle Tel Aviv's 30 most iconic dishes

Despite Tel Aviv's short culinary history, the White City has already established a local mythology of dishes that you can't help but return to time and again. So what makes a dish iconic? An 'iconic dish' is classified as a dish that has been featured in a Tel Aviv restaurant for several years, a dish that customers return to on multiple occasions, a dish that becomes a role model in the culinary scene. These 30 iconic dishes featured in some of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv–from Tel Aviv street food establishments to boutique hotel restaurants and classy eateries–have stood the test of time, the test of passing trends, and held true to their names as local legends.

News, Movies

Kick it old school at the "drive in"

By now, you must know the gist... if not, we'll take a moment to mourn your losses, but only a short moment because September is continuing the outdoor cinema fun.   Documentaries - check.   Musicals - check.   Cult classics - check.   Next up........drum roll please.............Teenage cult movies!

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Attractions, Ships and boats

Rent a boat on the Yarkon river

icon-location-pin Park  HaYarkon

Get your legs moving or start your engines and enjoy this special spot on the river in Park Hayarkon. With two offerings, visitors can choose the more active route and paddle their pedal boat manually, or go the motor boat route, allowing for a more casual way to explore the river. Park Hayarkon Paddle / Motor Boat Rentals is perfect for all ages, so don’t be shy. It’s worth a detour from the salty ocean to explore the sweet water. So grab your lifejackets, get ready to get your tan on, and spend a calming morning paddling downstream.  

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Indulge in Onza’s new Turkish dessert menu

Onza is one of Jaffa’s most popular spots for those who want to eat and party at the same time–and it has just got in touch with its feminine side. This is all thanks to its new dessert menu, which focuses on the desserts of a select group of Turkish women.

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Sports and fitness

Finally take that surfing lesson you always talk about

Surfing is more than just a pastime, it is a lifestyle, and we understand just how important location is when trying to catch those waves. That’s why we’ve combed the beaches in Tel Aviv, Herzliya and farther, in search of the absolute top five surfer’s oases. And guess what? We found them. So grab those surf boards, slip on those wetsuits and get ready for an amazingly active day at these beaches in Israel.

Tel Aviv Train
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News, Transport & Travel

Take your bestie on a day trip

You love the hustle and bustle of the city, you savor the sheer Israeliness of the screaming traffic, yet sometimes you yearn for a bit of good old peace and quiet. Enter Israel Railways, the only place where you feel like you’re no longer in Israel, but somewhere slightly more civilized. Sit back in a wide berth and listen to the quiet hum of the train as you take in the country’s breathtaking scenery.

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Sample Tel Aviv's summer cocktails one last time

It's summertime, which means many things in Tel Aviv: bustling beaches, longer days, ice cream galore...but summertime only means one thing for the White City bar scene: new cocktails! We've summoned Tel Aviv's cocktail Gods to grace us with their newest, wildest, wackiest summer creations. From fabulously fruity gardens of Eden to IV "blood baths" filled with the tomato-inspired classic Bloody Mary, these mixologists are leaving nothing behind. Here's a sneak peek at the sensational summer concoctions to imbibe from June to July and even August.

News, Eating

Boogie on down to Food Truck Disco

Between outdoor markets and indoor food halls, you might think Israel has every type of market covered, until now.   Last weekend marked the opening of Food Truck Disco Tel Aviv, Israel’s first outdoor food truck market on the promenade facing Frishman Beach.

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News, Eating

Order munchies right to your beach chair

MishloHof, or TapLaya as they are known internationally, are a location-based delivery service of beach-related goods. Via their app, beach-goers can pick from a selection of snacks, drinks, and beach products, which will be delivered within thirty minutes to their specific location. This ingenious solution means more fun in the sun, and ice cold drinks – sounds good to us.    

Zichron Ya'akov
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Things to do

Go on an Israeli wine tour through Zichron Ya’akov

Zichron Ya’akov may be less than hour away from Tel Aviv, but this quaint little town seems worlds away from the hectic hustle and bustle of the center of the country. As well as being steeped in history and offering a picturesque European feel, Zichron (as Israelis like to call it) and the surrounding area, including neighboring Binyamina, is known as Israel’s wine country.

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Eat "fresh" at Bana

icon-location-pin White City

Google “future of food” and you’re bound to see a plethora of articles and newsworthy stories describing plant-based restaurants. Today, culinary heavyweights in the likes of Jose Andreas, are opening plant-based restaurants from San Francisco, to Toronto, to Paris in what is sure to be a force that takes over the culinary world. Now Tel Aviv can proudly say that they join the ranks of a plant-based movement with an exemplary team leading the way. Dan Arvatz, a gastronomic pistol, joins culinary forces Ben Rothschild, Chanoch Schecter and Donna Yarzin to bring Bana, a splendid meeting point of design, atmosphere, and extraordinary food. Applying a keen understanding of technique, precision and application, this restaurant proves that plants can do anything meat does, and perhaps even more.

Spa Neve Tzedek
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Health and beauty, Spas

Pamper yourself at Spa Neve Tzedek

icon-location-pin Neve Tzedek

Offering a wide array of massage and facial packages, this spa and facial center is the perfect spot to recharge, relax, and beautify. Notably, for those interested in taking their  "Day of Rest" to the next level, Spa Neve Tzedek is also unabashedly open on Saturdays.

Cremerie De L'eclair
© Cremerie De L'eclair
Restaurants, Ice cream parlors

Find out there is a heaven...in the Kurtosh at Cremerie de L'Eclair

icon-location-pin Tel Aviv City Center

Walking by Cremerie de L’Eclair your senses are hit with the smells of baking pastries and sugary sweet ice creams. This heavenly dessert spot serves sixty tasty ice cream flavors and French pastries, such as Eclair puffs, croissants, brioches, and cookies, with warm chocolate, nuts, and other toppings. Most of the dishes cost only NIS 18, making the prices hard to say no to. Located in the busiest part of the bustling King George Street, Cremerie de L'Eclair is just minutes away from the Dizengoff bar scene, and late night hours ensure that those Thursday 4 am "drunchies" are satisfied.


And of course, no end of summer list is complete without watching the stunning Tel Aviv sunset

No camera can quite capture the gallery-worthy watercolour paintings one calls mediterranean sunsets; however, these instagram photos come pretty damn close. Grab a bottle of Israeli wine, pack an evening picnic from Sarona or grab takeout from one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv for delivery and head down to any beach in Tel Aviv from the Tel Aviv Port to Jaffa. While any sunset in Israel is spectacular, there’s something truly special about a White City sunset. In the meantime, to whet your visual appetite, check out these spectacular sunsets.

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