The Gin & Tonics of the East Imperial Gin Jubilee

We take a look at the special Gin & Tonic cocktails created by the bars participating in this year's East Imperial Gin Jubilee

By Time Out KL editors |
Gin Jubilee

The East Imperial Gin Jubilee returns to KL for a second time, featuring a series of master classes, guest bartender shifts and Gin & Tonic cocktails created by each of the 21 participating bars just for the occasion. You can have them at their respective bars from September 13-16, or at the Gin Lane Street Party happening at Plaza Batai on September 16. 

Gin & Tonic cocktails created for Gin Jubilee 2017

East Islay Wine created by Joe Ngui from Omakase + Appreciate

30ml The Botanist gin
30ml homemade Fragrance Cabernet Sauvignon (a mixture of Cabernet Sauvignon, fresh red grapes juice, lemongrass and shiso leaves.)
45ml East Imperial Tonic Water
Garnish: Edible flower on top of ice block

Joe says: The word ‘East’ stands for East Imperial and ingredients from the east such as lemongrass and shiso leaves, ‘Islay’ refers to The Botanist Islay Dry Gin, while the ‘Wine’ is the homemade fragrance wine.


Holy Blush created by Alvin George from Coley

45ml Gin Mare
45ml East Imperial Yuzu Tonic
45ml East Imperial Grapefruit Tonic
Garnish: Fresh strawberry, grated milk chocolate and fresh basil leaves.

Alvin says: Gin Mare is paired with fresh strawberries to balance the sweetness and acidity; grated milk chocolate gives a smooth and creamy taste, while basil leaves gives this a hint of fresh aroma at the finish.


Bon Aperitif created by Alvin AuYong from Birch

22.5ml St George Botanivore Gin
7.5ml Suze
7.5ml Verjus
35ml clarified carrot juice
100ml East Imperial Tonic Water
Garnish: lemon balm sprigs and pickled carrot

Alvin says: An aperitivo twist on the classic Gin & Tonic that starts out with the botanical base of St George Botanivore Gin that is complemented by the rooty honeyed sweetness of Suze and balanced out by the acidity from unripe grapes. The introduction of carrot juice brings a touch of healthy fruitiness, while the East Imperial Tonic Water provides the citrusy fizziness for an all-around refreshing tipple anytime of the day and night.

Victory Garden created by Roymark Arusab from The Pawn Room

60ml Hendricks gin
20ml The Bitter Truth Violet Liqueuer
15ml Luxardo Bitters
15ml Monin Elderflower syrup
20ml lemon juice
4 cloves
6 Juniper berries
Garnish: Purple Orchid

Roymark says: This cocktail is inspired by the World Wars, when there were shortages in food supplies, so the citizens supplied the army with locally grown botanicals from their garden. This Victory Garden became well known in Canada in 1917, so much so that it’s still being served today.


Ocean created by Kelvin Lee from Bonfire

45ml Gin Mare
120ml East Imperial Yuzu Tonic Water
2 drops of Sea Salt Bitters
Pinch of sea salt
Brush of squid ink
Garnish: seaweed

Kelvin says: I like the fresh sea flavour in foods; it's clean and gives you a refreshing feeling that everyone likes. The squid ink gives the drink a dash of the flavours reminiscent of the ocean.


Highland Trails created by Ali A from PS150

60ml stevia-infused Fords Gin
120ml East Imperial Old World Tonic Water
Lemon peel

Ali says: A Gin & Tonic inspired by backyard gardens, this drink has the bitter-sweet taste from the stevia-infused Fords Gin that’s mixed with tonic water, as well as strawberry, citrus peel and thyme.

Old & Gin created by Khir Johari from Virgin & Throne

45ml Bombay Sapphire
40ml East Imperial Yuzu Tonic Water
40ml East Imperial Old World Tonic Water
Garnish: Indian mango, red capsicums and edible flowers

Khir says: Inspired by the city Bombay in India, this drink uses Indian mango to provide the tropical flavours, and the hint of spice from the capsicum enhances the flavours from the spices in the gin.


Pearly Gates created by Ebony Hogg from The Sticky Wicket

50ml Death's Door Gin
20ml lemon juice
20ml fresh ginger syrup
3 wheels of muddled cucumber
4 basil leaves
Topped up with East Imperial Old World Tonic Water
Garnish: basil leaves, half-wheel of lemon and cucumber spear

Ebony says: This drink features a beautiful balance of gin with the fresh flavours of basil, cucumber and ginger. You have hints of coriander seeds and fennel from the Death's Door, which makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. The combination of spices in the Old World Tonic Water, when combined with the gin, hits your palate wonderfully.


My Kinky East created by Jovilane Maghanoy from Opium

45ml kaffir lime leaf- and cardamom-infused Bombay Gin
10ml homemade lemon ginger syrup
10ml ginger rice wine
120ml East Imperial Yuzu Tonic Water
30ml Anna sparkling wine
3 lemon wheels
Garnish: lemon jelly and lemon peel

Jovilane says: A very refreshing drink – you can get the spiciness from the ginger and a zesty flavour with hints of floral notes at the finish.

Rose G&T created by Kibria Golam from Jack Rose

40ml St George Terroir gin
2.5ml grapefruit and pineapple cordial
3 dashes of lavender bitters
Topped up with East Imperial Grapefruit Tonic Water
Garnish: pineapple leaf and grapefruit slice
Mezcal glass rinse

Kibria says: The Rose G&T is a simple twist on the quintessential British favourite, the Pink G&T, and a California highball favourite, The Paloma. Lavender bitters help to lift the floral and foraged flavours of the native botanicals found in St George Terroir, as well as giving it that rosy glow. Light notes of the smoky mezcal and East Imperial Grapefruit Tonic also add a depth of flavour while enhancing the subtle nuances of the St George Terroir gin.


Yu’z got balls! created by Mattman Joseph from Skullduggery

50ml Kyro Napue gin
50ml East Imperial Yuzu Tonic Water
Fresh Cranberry Juice
Garnish: fresh rosemary and dried cranberries

Mattman says: This drink is a twist on the gold medal award-winning Kyro Napue and tonic. Fresh cranberry juice and East Imperial Yuzu Tonic is frozen together in an ice ball, then dropped into the rye-based gin. This is a slowly evolving tipple that grows in flavour and texture as you drink.

Syaitan & Tonic created by Muhd Erik Fiza bin Zulkifle from Suzie Wong

Syaitan & Tonic created by Muhd Erik Fiza bin Zulkifle from Suzie Wong

60ml Gin Mare
90ml East Imperial Yuzu Tonic Water
6pcs Thai basil
2 cili padis
4 slices of strawberry
1 lemon wheel

Erik says: This is a Thai-influenced G&T that has a tangy spiciness.


Torch Lily n Tonic created by Nik Syafiz from Locker & Loft

45ml West Winds Sabre gin
30ml homemade calamansi syrup infused with star anise and cloves
150ml East Imperial Grapefruit Tonic Water
Garnish: Torch Lily and grapefruit peel 

Nik says: This drink is inspired by local Malaysian ingredients, especially from one of my most favourite dishes at our restaurant, The Breaded Catfish Fingers, which uses the Torch Lily.  

Botanist Homeyard created by Mitchell Raymond of 61 Monarchy

45ml The Botanist Islay Dry Gin
10ml rose lemongrass syrup
5ml kaffir lime juice
Topped up with East Imperial Burma Tonic Water
Garnish: lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf and kaffir lime wheel.

Mitchell says: The use of ingredients that represent local botanicals in this drink is inspired by the gin and where it comes from. The nature of the botanicals reminds me of my home where we used to plant many different types of beneficial botanicals. Hence, the name of the drink, Botanist Homeyard.


Le Lestari created by Osmund Bernard from IKKI

40ml jasmine-infused Citadelle Gin
1 dash of Peach Bitters
Topped up with East Imperial Burma Tonic Water
Garnish: grapefruit peel, pink grapefruit slice, pandan leaf and jasmine flowers

Osmund says: This drink is inspired from the Nusantara word ‘Lestari’, which means a bright and fresh breeze, which is provided by the use of jasmine flowers.

Jardin Épicé created by Kazi Tanbir of Hyde at 53M

45ml Citadelle Gin
10ml St Germain Elderflower Liqueur
8ml Martini extra dry vermouth
120ml East Imperial Burma Tonic Water
1 wedge of fresh lemon
1 dash of Angostura bitters
1 dash of homemade cardamom bitters
Garnish: orange and lemon peel zest, cloves, anise, cardamom and cinnamon

Kazi says: Jardin Épicé is inspired by its refreshing taste with citrus hint and spices aroma that pairs very well with the East Imperial Burma Tonic Water to give the drink a long finish that stays fresh and herby on your palate with a slight bitterness.