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The best champagne bars in London

Pop your cork at these top bars serving top bubbles – it's always celebration time at London's best champagne bars

The first thing you need to know about choosing a champagne bar is that the words ‘champagne bar’ may be the worst thing to look for. Some places with that name are just trying to put overpriced lipstick on a particularly plain pig. Do you really want to drink the world’s most expensive sparkling wine while watching people shop for shoes in a department store? We’d be more inclined to go for places that are really good bars and just do champagne well, even if it’s not their sole or principal offering. And hey! Some of them even include the C-word in their names. These things happen.

Champagne bars in London

St Pancras Grand Champagne Bar

Venue says: “Stop by to try our market menu – two courses for £18/£24 with bubbles or three courses for £25/£28 with bubbles, Mon-Sat, noon-10pm.”

This is one case in which the name champagne bar is a cause for cheers instead of caution. The place just looks so incredibly gorgeous, deftly done in dark wood and affording magnificent views of the whole Eurostar hall. There are a dozen wines by the glass, starting at an un-greedy £9.50, and from Sunday through Thursday you can order the house champagne for £35 a bottle. Try and bag a banquette to get maximum fun out of your fizz.

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St Pancras

American Bar at The Savoy

Why would you pay £18.50 for a glass of champagne here when you could pay £13 elsewhere? Well, for starters it’s Louis Roederer champagne, one of the best non-vintage wines around – and in a 150ml measure rather than the standard 125. And then there are the bar snacks: nuts, crisps and whatnot, which come at no extra charge. And then there’s the knowledge that you’re sitting in one of the most famous bars in the world. And finally… well, it’s the Savoy, ffs. ‘Nuff said.

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Charing Cross

Bar Américain at Brasserie Zédel


Most people think of this lovely Art Deco room as a cocktail bar – and so do we! Why else would we have ranked it so high in our list of London’s Top 50 Cocktail Bars? But the room is lovely, and comfy, and never too noisy. And that makes it a very civilised place to sip Bollinger, that AbFab necessity, for £13.70 a glass. Proceed to the restaurant afterwards, or go out into the night seeking Soho thrills.

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Amuse Bouche

Parsons Green has been getting no end of amusement from this unorthodox restaurant/wine bar since 2006. Champagne is the star attraction, not just because the selection is good but because it’s priced compassionately: glasses (a total of eight) from £7.50, bottles from £37. In appearance it’s more a local pub than a fizz-parlour. At these prices, a bottle of champagne between three people (the perfect number) cuts the spend even more.

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Parsons Green

J Sheekey Atlantic Bar

This perennial favourite isn’t a place you would necessarily think of as a bar (despite the name), but it’s just as easy to pop in for a drink at the long, gleaming-wood bar as it is for a meal. Champagnes start at £13.75 a pop, and shhhh! don’t tell anyone, but their non-champagne fizz is cheaper still. Oh, and you should resign yourself to ordering oysters. Order by the piece, if you don’t want to overindulge.

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Covent Garden
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By: Laura Richards