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Pret’s Christmas sandwich is back


Nothing screams Christmas like Pret’s turkey breast on granary bread. So get ready to feel warm and fuzzy every lunch hour till the New Year, because it’s back. Hitting shelves tomorrow (November 7), the Pret Christmas Lunch Sandwich will be joined by new seasonal delights such as the veggie Festive Winter Salad and a mince-pie-flavoured flat white. There will also be a vegan Christmas sandwich. In London, how could there not be? 

Here, we get to the hearts of the three main players  – classic, veggie, vegan – in all their sleigh-bell-jingling glory. Although, let’s be clear, we’ve yet to taste-test these for 2017.  

The Christmas Lunch Sandwich

The big one. The one we’ve all been waiting for. Layering thick slices of British free-range turkey with pork, bacon and apricot stuffing, Pret tops off this sarnie with crispy onion and fresh baby spinach. So Christmassy it’s basically the culinary equivalent of a drunken family argument.


The Veggie Christmas Lunch Sandwich 

This vegetarian option combines roasted butternut squash, ‘Christmas pesto’, rocket and yoghurt-and-mayo dressing. We’re not sure what Christmas pesto is, but we’re up for the adventure.


The Very Merry Christmas Sandwich

New on the scene, this little vegan number features grilled carrots, spinach and caramelised pecans. Caramelised pecans! There’s also crispy onion in the mix as well as a drizzling of port and orange cranberry sauce. Because God, in his infinite wisdom, created port (well, some of it at least) vegan.


The Pret Christmas sandwich menu launches tomorrow (November 7).

Hungry for turkey? Check out our list of Christmas sandwiches, ranked from worst to best.

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