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Adult nights out in London

Searching for some seriously sexy club nights and specialist parties? From steamy saunas to full-on fetish nights, here’s our guide to the sexiest nights in London

Chiara Wilkinson

If you’re looking for adult nights out in London, you won't be disappointed. Whether you're into fetish nights, kink nights, BDSM nights, rubber nights, queer sex parties, or anything in between, the capital has you covered. Here’s our pick of the grown-up London clubs that are fun, friendly and full of surprises. Fasten your seatbelts... it’s going to be a bumpy night. 


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Adult nights out in London

The big one. The world’s largest fetish and fantasy club, started in 1990, a visit to Torture Garden (affectionately referred to as TG) is considered a rite of passage for those wishing to explore and expand their sexual horizons.

It’s worth going just to look at the fashions; the dress code states that attendees shouldn’t even bother queuing for entry unless they’re wearing something that would turn heads and elicit stares on the street, so partygoers’ costumes will have your eyes on stalks (although that’s not where the ‘Garden’ name comes from; it’s a reference to a dark French novel about a sadist who likes to watch such horrors as flayings and crucifixions, juxtaposed against a beautiful outdoor setting in China).

Music is varied, more smoothly mixed than a masterchef’s crepe batter, and guests actually dance in addition to playing in the dungeons and dark rooms; look out for TG founder David on the decks, as well as manager Charlotte and the excellently energetic Rockit Riyad.

The stage shows are the stuff of lewd legend: Dita von Teese made her UK debut at TG; there are frequently hardcore body modification and manipulation demonstrations featuring everything from extreme piercings to contortion to people being suspended from ropes attached to hooks poked through their skin; and it’s not uncommon to see fireworks been set off from performers’ orifices, paint and milk being shot out of vaginas, and lasers shining from the bumhole of a trapeze artist.

There’s all sorts growing in the Torture Garden. We could make all manner of sexual/gardening puns about rooting and shooting here, but we’ll just say that TG offers top class alternative adult entertainment in spades.

A queer techno rave and sex party, Klub Verboten takes inspiration from the Berlin fetish scene. Creating an environment that centres respect and consent, their community offers BDSM practice, immersive experiences, and platforms emerging artists – all soundtracked to some killer underground electronic music. 

Killing Kittens
Killing Kittens

Killing Kittens events take their name from the saying that 'Every time you masturbate, god kills a kitten.' If that were true, the RSPCA would have shut down KK’s decadent, hedonistic sex parties a long time ago, as a whole lot of tugging and rubbing goes on at them – plus a great deal of sucking, licking, flicking, moaning, groaning, pumping, humping, and people going down on each other goes down, too. 

KK is aimed at ‘the sexual elite’: if you want to attend, you have to apply for approval before you can buy a ticket. The club claim that they 'don’t want supermodels – just people who take care of themselves' in order to maintain an exclusive, indulgent, 'Eyes Wide Shut'-type atmosphere (and attempt to weed out weirdos). 

They also aim to be ‘female-oriented’: no single men are allowed to the parties, which take place at a variety of penthouses and swish London locations, and women are very much in charge of making advances to initiate play. There’s a posh ‘masked ball’ feel to events (and plenty of unmasked balls on display, too); guests don fine lingerie, suits or eveningwear; oysters and champagne are served; and rooms are lit by candles and chandeliers, with luxury sex toys and condoms provided.

Now a household name for London’s club kids, Crossbreed was set up in 2019 by resident DJ Kiwi who wanted to create a middle ground between the capital’s fetish, queer and dance music scenes. It’s a space designed for ‘more marginalised queer people’: for trans people, people of colour and those who have traditionally struggled to access spaces to explore their sexuality and gender identity. 


Get your rocks off while listening to rock. Or industrial, punk, metal, 80s, alternative anthems – anything but the standard fetish club staples of hard house and funk.

Club Antichrist is an extremely friendly kink, dancing and live music event that’s fiercely and loyally loved by the young and smiley crowd it attracts. It has an informal and fun party vibe, featuring live bands – from steampunk groups and comedy ukulele troupes to gothic, hardcore or vocal harmony acts – and performers ranging from the silly (Smurf burlesque) to the stunning (fire hula hooping, magicians, bellydancing with swords) to the shocking (catheter shows, a chap wearing a dead swan on his back, and a bloke being covered in cold vegetable soup and fisted before having certain parts of his anatomy sewn together with a needle and thread). 

Every night opens with the now legendary ‘Satan’s Strip Show’: an amateur striptease where anyone can take to the stage and perform either a practiced or impromptu routine in return for £50… but only if they get 100% nude. The uproarious, supportive applause that greets each participant reflects Antichrist’s accepting, body positive outlook and community spirit. The last time we attended, a man on crutches dressed as a rasher of bacon performed a dance that involved spanking himself with a spatula and spinning his man-sausage in a helicopter dick finale. Afterwards, we felt strangely compelled to go and buy a hot dog from the food stand in the main room.

There’s a dungeon and play areas; a couples’ darkroom; happy hours at the bar; ushers carrying trays of free sweets, condoms and lube; and a themed photobooth. If you find some other fetish clubs a bit serious or snooty, Antichrist is the antidote.

With spanking benches and strip shows, bondage beds and Shibari artists who tie up guests using Japanese rope bondage, One Night has been on London’s kink scene since 2019. Taking place at Inanna Studio, an intimate private sex dungeon in north London, the events centre completely on the female experience: meaning cis women, trans women, and non-binary people who are exploring their femininity are all welcome. 


7. The Fox Den

The Fox Den offers intimate, approachable, sex-positive events. From 24-guest hedonistic dinner parties (complete with a four-course meal cooked by a private chef and after-dinner ‘play’ for dessert), to live music and performance, there’s something for everyone – and it’s a great option for beginners to the scene. 

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