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  1. Bobby Mair

    ‘He looks like somebody that it’s imperative you keep away from your children. He is rude, dark, offensive and occasionally disgusting, but this disguises a ferociously funny wit. He is raw and unpolished, and that makes him all the more enjoyable.’

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  2. © Steve Ullathorne
    © Steve Ullathorne

    Zoe Lyons

    ‘Zoe is one of the most prolific comedians I have ever worked with. Every single time I gig with her she has a load of material I haven’t heard before, and it’s never less than excellent. Her last Edinburgh show was a beautifully written hour of funny.’

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  3. Jason Manford

    ‘It’s easy to overlook how good Jason is. He isn’t rude, he doesn’t have a particular angle, he’s just bloody funny. He’s also incredible on any panel show. His “everyman” persona belies some brilliant gags.’

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  4. Mike Wilmot

    ‘This man is just filthy funny. I have only ever seen him blow a room apart. When I first saw Mike, I wanted him to stop talking so that I could catch my breath. Whenever I think I might be getting good, I watch him and remember I’m not funny enough yet.’

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  5. Louis CK

    ‘CK’s stand-up is honest, low-fi and thrilling, and his TV show is brilliant. I saw his HBO special from when he first started, and it was slick, gaggy and technically excellent. But it wasn’t a patch on the snarling beast he has become.’

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  6. Jack Dee

    ‘I have watched and laughed my head off at this man since I was a child. He has funny bones, and has a persona that makes almost everything he says a punchline. I could watch him talk about anything. Not in a pervy way.’

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  7. Katherine Ryan

    ‘Katherine is on her way to becoming a huge name and deservedly so. She has brilliantly unique angles on everything she talks about, and frequently does routines that make me wish I had thought of them.’

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  8. Dave Chappelle

    ‘Chappelle is dripping in natural talent. He was built to do comedy. His voice and physicality are perfect for stand up – although he has bulked-up recently, which is a shame, as fit isn’t funny. His enigmatic behaviour also feeds the appeal.’

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  9. Seann Walsh

    ‘He’s a mate, so I’m biased, but Seann is one of the most naturally talented comedians I have ever seen or met. He has an instinctive understanding of comedy, and makes audiences respond at a level I hadn’t previously thought possible. Pity he’s such an insufferable twat.’

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  10. © Koury Angelo
    © Koury Angelo

    Bill Burr

    ‘One of, if not the, best in the world right now. Bill Burr is probably the only comedian who I can’t figure out: I can’t see the jokes, or work out the mechanics of what he’s doing. I laugh at him even when I fundamentally disagree with what he is saying. His podcast is also consistently hilarious – he generates an hour of comedy every week online that’s better than what I came up with over the whole of last year.’

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Romesh Ranganathan’s top ten stand-up comedians

The 2014 Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee reveals his favourite comics


Permanently pissed-off misanthrope and ‘Mock the Week’ star Romesh Ranganathan brings his Foster’s Award-nominated show to London this month. He runs us through his ten favourite stand-ups.

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