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  1. Josh Widdicombe

    ‘A burgeoning Devon talent. One of those people you are always delighted to see on the same bill because you know you’ll have fun.’

    See Adam Hills and Josh Widdicombe's double interview

  2. The Lumberjacks

    ‘Glenn Wool, Stewart Francis and Craig Campbell. They all deserve to be included individually. Separately they’re magnificent. Collectively, they’re an embarrassment of riches.’

  3. Chris Addison

    ‘A cracking addition to the “Mock the Week” crew and a pleasure to have around.’

    Read our interview with Chris Addison

  4. Paul Thorne

    ‘My long-term Cutting Edge double-act partner at the Comedy Store and somebody I would love to see doing bigger tours.’

  5. Lucy Porter

    ‘A regular fixture on my BBC Radio 2 show, and a joy every week.’

  6. Sarah Millican

    ‘It is difficult to get excited about some people’s success. Others, like Sarah’s, you can just sit back and enjoy.’

  7. Rich Hall

    ‘A man I first met on a sun-glittered balcony in Adelaide. He’s been an inspiration ever since.’

  8. Ed Byrne

    ‘You don’t know a man until you’ve been in a tent together at -53C and had to huddle together for warmth because it is too cold to sleep. [Andy Parsons and Ed Byrne drove across Siberia together for BBC Two’s “World’s Most Dangerous Roads.”]’

  9. Frankie Boyle

    ‘A man who was raped by showbusiness before he was born. He has a surprisingly gentle underbelly and gives exceedingly good hugs.’

  10. Dara O'Briain

    ‘We shared a local and sometimes we’d go along and do the pub quiz there. We’d win something every time. I hardly answered a question.’

Andy Parsons’s top ten stand-up comedians

The ‘Mock the Week’ regular reveals his favourite comics – with videos

Having just wrapped up his tenth series of ‘Mock the Week’, Andy Parsons is hitting the road with his new tour ‘I’ve Got a Shed’ and has a new DVD, 'Slacktivist', released in November. We asked him to list his top ten stand-up comedians. He’s actually chosen 12 (cheeky), and you might recognise a number of them as his week-mocking mates… 

What do you think of Parsons's choices? Tell us in the comments box below.

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