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Milton Jones’s top ten stand-up comedians

The one-liner slinging ‘Mock the Week’ star reveals his favourite comics


Dan Evans

‘One of the best “undiscovered” comic minds. He’s originally ridiculous. Great ideas deftly executed. Silliness taken to the nth degree.’

Watch a clip of Dan Evans


Holly Burn

‘Holly has mad ideas from which she never backs down. Eccentric with plenty of “is she really doing that?”. One day she will hit the jackpot, then you’ll remember this.’

Watch a clip of Holly Burn


Noel James

‘A Welsh wizard of language. Unpredictable, with flashes of genius who other comics often quote.’

Watch a clip of Noel James


Otiz Cannelloni

‘Otiz has been performing his cheerful nonsense for decades now. He does beautifully understated gags, wonderful English self-deprecation and gives magic a good name. He’s silly, like a supply teacher on his last day.’

Watch a clip of Otiz Cannelloni


Ben Norris

‘Blokey observations, but not always what you expect. He’s an outstanding improviser, and when the comedians get together to play football he does the funniest commentary.’

Watch a clip of Ben Norris


Roger Monkhouse

‘Like a smily grim reaper, Roger does observational material with more authority than most because it’s so damn well written. As an MC he’s effortless, like a world-weary teacher who’s abandoned the syllabus to have a laugh with the class, while retaining the toxic capability of dealing with anyone who steps out of line.’

Watch a clip of Roger Monkhouse


Mark Olver

‘MC-ing and being a warm-up act is a whole unacknowledged artform, and this man is an unsung craftsman. Likeable, but no pushover, he knows exactly what a show needs at any point. He’s often the one who top producers and promoters ask for.’

Watch a clip of Mark Olver


Adam Bloom

‘He’s wired differently from normal people. Pedantically brilliant material, and just as good on his feet. Adam manages to combine energy, high-concept ideas and warmth, which is no mean feat. He knows how to perform “in the moment”.’

Watch a clip of Adam Bloom


Terry Alderton

‘A huge performer who, to other comics, has always been unfollowable. But a few years ago he took a turn for a much darker and more interesting world. He has explosive energy and he’s a good mimic too. Strangely, he started off more mainstream and has now become truly alternative. A bald pirate in uncharted seas.’

Watch a clip of Terry Alderton


Simon Munnery

‘Simon Munnery is one of the most consistently creative comics of the last 20 years. He’s the antithesis of modern slickness – his comedy is all about the idea, from characters like Alan Parker Urban Warrior to his ’90s troupe Cluub Zarathustra and even his observational stuff. He’s also an aficionado of the dying art of the stupid prop.’

Watch a clip of Simon Munnery

Loud shirt-wearing joke-machine Milton Jones plays the Balham and Ealing Comedy Festivals this week and is on tour with ‘Milton Jones and the Temple of Daft’ in 2015. But which comics does he rate? He runs us through his top ten stand-ups.

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