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Skyfall – review and trailer


Read our review of Skyfall and watch the official trailer

Skyfall review

'Skyfall' is a Bond movie that boldly struts forward while occasionally looking over its shoulder to the past. That's what the 007 films are about – an evolving and revivifying mix of tradition and progress – and here we have director Sam Mendes ('American Beauty', 'Revolutionary Road') bringing to the franchise a stately look, sombre mood and ample room to breathe.

He's given us a highly distinctive Bond movie with some stunning visual touches. Also, it mostly manages to convince us that there's something at stake by giving a hint of Bond’s emotional life beyond this story: rooting his crisis in his relationship (or lack of) with his parents, without coming on too heavy-handed or pleading with the psychology.

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Skyfall trailer

Skyfall features

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