Free music in London

Forget shelling out for pricey festivals and arena tours, some of the capital’s best gigs and concerts don’t cost a penny

From jazz to pop to metal, the capital offers free music to cater for all tastes. Check out our guide below and find great free gigs and music in London.


Shane H

Tomorrow night at Shane's on Canalside

£5 cocktails£10 Steak Steak and wine £12Free (normally expensive) Jazz! Tony Kofi is bringing his saxophone to #Canalside with a little help from Jonathan Gee.Can you handle our moist January offer of a glass of wine and steak for £12Enjoy!! Cheers

Brick Lane is always a good shout for free music events in London.. I know of one taking place at Cafe 1001 on Saturday 24th May- look up Alfalfa, it's an underground electronica show. 


Who compiles this list? A simple click shows that the Escapists on Saturday costs £8.50. Isn't this meant to be a free gig list...?

Exclusive 22nd January 2014 Live performance from

Exclusive 22nd January 2014 Live performance from the band 'Radfax' New Cross Inn 323 New Cross Road, London, SE14 6AS Free Entry Starts at 7pm Happy hour! 50% off all spirits and selected draughts (7-8pm) Early bird special: 20% off all spirits and selected draughts before 8pm Radfax on stage 10:30pm

Thomas Lennon

pins & needles in my left hand writing this message. so I cant make it very enjoyable to read. however I did find it enjoyable to read your reviews on free gigs . Thank you . .. oh its gone now.


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Rarrah has a better list!


i'm poor...:-) but i want to live this everithing will be free,will be mine!:-)