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8 times Londoners were obsessed with animals in 2017

Kate Lloyd
The year is almost over, and while it’s largely been 12 months of gloom, amidst the darkness there has been light. And by light we mean animals. Animals being fluffy. Animals having fun. Animals doing what animals do best. Here are numerous occasions when Londoners obsessed over them in 2017. 

1. When we discovered the huge sausage dog meet-ups happening in the city.

2. When a werewolf cat showed up at the LondonCats International Cat Show

Shalnavazz Mehari, the nine-month-old Lyoki, appeared at the LondonCats International Cat Show in January aka Crufts for cats. Look at its creepy little face! 

3. When a dolphin was spotted in the river

It was sadly found dead a few days later. 

4. When the Fluffytorium came to London

Guinness World Records launched a pop-up in London over the summer celebrating the fluffiest and furriest animals on the planet. Visitors could pet the most smoochable Chow Chows, poodles, Pomeranians and Maine Coons in town.

5. When there was a potentially record-breaking meet-up of dogs in Christmas jumpers

Teaming up with Save the Children, dog rental app BorrowMyDoggy brought together a whole pack of pooches to try and break the world record for the most dogs in Christmas jumpers in Battersea. 

6. Then there were the numerous pug cafés 

The Book Club invited the pugs of the capital to bring along their humans for a day of ‘puggacinos’ in September. Then Pugs & Pals opened on Brick Lane between October 26-29, offering a place for both dog owners and dog lovers to embrace all things canine. And there’s news of another pug café on the way. 

7. The cancelled micro pig pop-up

The idea was that workers could hang out with the itty-bitty pigs in Merchant Square in their lunch break – helping reduce stress and increase productivity (for the workers, not the pigs). Turns out animal activists didn’t like the idea that much.

8. And finally... When the animals at ZSL London played in the snow

Is there anything cuter than meerkats playing with a snowman? No, no there is not.

ZSL London Zoo

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