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Eight autumnal treats that will pumpkin spice up your life

Eight autumnal treats that will pumpkin spice up your life

Our Time Out Tastemaker community share their favourite fall treats

1. ‘As an expat from the States, it’s time to start thinking about pumpkin pie again. Hummingbird does a nice version. Outsider Tart does nice pumpkin things in the fall. However, the hands-down very best pumpkin pie in London is from Konditor & Cook!’ Jane Glaubius

2. ‘Pumpkin spice vegan cakes from Ms Cupcake in Brixton. They’re lovely and all the more delicious for being cruelty-free.’ Helen Fry

3. ‘Farmstand in Covent Garden is doing a smashing pumpkin brunch this month to replace the less eco-friendly smashed avocado on toast.’ Georgie Pursey

4. ‘The silky pumpkin pie from Dominique Ansel. So good it makes me want to be American... Almost!’ Sam Brown


Dominique Ansel



5. ‘Blighty Coffee in Finsbury Park made a Baileys pumpkin spice latte last October. It was a
little cup of heaven!’ Haley Weatherill

6. ‘Victoria Yum at Netil Market does a great pumpkin pie. It’s a beautifully crisp pastry cup that has a deliciously dense and aromatic filling with autumn spices and comforting pumpkin-ness.’ Sophie Elizabeth Caplan

7. ‘If you’re into festive liquid treats, you’ll love Brooklyn Brewery’s Post Road Pumpkin Ale, sold at Whole Foods.’
Duygu Cook

8. ‘Balthazar Boulangerie for cinnamon pumpkin pie. It’s made in-house and overseen by Regis Beauregard, so everything you would expect from the former Ritz pastry chef. Infused with the perfect amount of cinnamon spice, it will have you craving a second slice.’ L-J Bryan

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