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Weird things that people do at immersive shows
Illustration: Rosie Barker

These are the weirdest things people have done at immersive events

Actors from London’s immersive theatre shows reveal the strange stuff that audiences get up to

Written by
Chiara Wilkinson

Charlie Beaven

Who played Dr Alexei in Secret Cinema presents ‘Stranger Things’

‘The weirdest thing an audience member has done in one of our shows was when one of the actual actors from the real “Stranger Things” show turned up. I sat down in the middle of the scene next to none other than David Harbour [who plays the character of Jim Hopper]. He still knew his lines and we were able to play out parts of the scene together, much to the audience’s joy.’

Allie Ho Chee

Who plays Bella in ‘Mamma Mia! The Party’

‘When guests come to “Mamma Mia! The Party”, they expect the full holiday experience they would get on the isle of Skopelos. Sometimes my character Bella tells them that the remedy for sunburn, if they’ve spent too much time on the beach, is a bit of Grandma’s tzatziki. One practical joker decided to smear some on his face there and then. His whole table thought it was hilarious – it was the start of a fun evening.’

Charlie Burt

Who plays Queen Elizabeth I in ‘Doctor Who: Time Fracture’

‘As Queen Elizabeth in “Doctor Who: Time Fracture”, my fiancé goes missing – as a result, I marry a member of the audience. In one matinee, my new audience fiancé was a very enthusiastic older gentleman. So enthusiastic in fact, that when another actor arrived to ‘assassinate’ the queen, he threw himself on top of me and my throne, screaming “I will protect my WIFE!” and refused to move.’

Aimee Barrett

Who plays Myrtle Wilson in ‘The Great Gatsby’

‘One night, we were getting Daisy Buchanan ready for a pivotal moment in the show: tea with Gatsby. But we were all so caught up in the flurry of the scene, that none of us noticed that an audience member had taken one of the dresses from the set and put it on top of her jeans and jumper. She wore it for the rest of the night – it was fabulous.’

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