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You can now get a veggie burger that smells and ‘bleeds’ like meat


Veggies. It’s the eternal struggle: ‘Wouldn’t it be nice,’ you wail, ‘if I could get a nice veggie burger that bled like the real thing?’

Well, ask and the world doth provide, as the good boffins of Moving Mountains – a ‘ground-breaking British brand leading plant-based innovation into unimagined territory’, FYI – and veggie restaurant heroes Mildreds have teamed up to reveal just that.

The B12 burger is made completely from raw plant meat (oyster mushrooms, peas, potato, wheat and soy, coconut oil and vitamin B12, hence the name) and looks uncannily – almost unnervingly – like a real beef burger. What’s more, chuck the B12 in a frying pan and not only will it sizzle away nicely and release a convincing meaty fragrance, it even – because of the inclusion of beetroot juice – bleeds like meat. Delicious! Or cosmically disturbing? It all sounds a bit Clive Barker, but we can’t wait to find out anyway.

The Moving Mountains B12 burger launches at Mildreds Dalston Square on Saturday February 24. Thereafter it’ll be available daily from noon-2pm, and costs £10.

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