All of Pret’s Christmas specials ranked worst to best

The sandwich chain's festive offerings are back – we've sorted the crackers from the turkeys
Pret Christmas specials 2016
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The launch of the Pret Christmas menu is pretty much a legitimate cultural event. There’s a countdown to the release of their Christmas sandwich for chrissakes – and their should be. It’s (nearly) the best in this city. But this menu is about more than that sarnie – 15 items strong, it’s a veritable homage to all things Chrimbo, from mince pies to, er, salads. To celebrate, we’ve decided to pit these festive foodstuffs against each other, ranking the Pret Christmas menu from worst to best. It’s a big day for the internet. So have at ’em, and leave us a comment to let us know about the Christmas specials you rate and hate.

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Pret's Xmas specials ranked worst to best


Very Merry Christmas lunch sandwich (vegan)

It’s tough being a vegan (or, frankly, just a vegetarian) at Christmas. This sandwich just rubs salt in the wound. Layering carrots, spinach, and port and orange cranberry sauce on granary bread, the main problem here is how oniony and overbearing the (undercooked) stuffing is. Do not buy this if you’re planning on snogging anyone at the office Christmas party.

Pret mint hot chocolate

Mint hot chocolate

This tastes a bit like a cross between mint choc chip ice cream and that really thin hot chocolate you get out of a vending machine. Not great basically. But much improved if you ask for a snowy mountain of fresh whipped cream on top.


Mint mocha

Pretty similar to the mint hot chocolate to be honest. But better, because all that minty-fresh sweetness is tempered by nice, normal coffee. This mocha also reminded us of a Bendicks Bittermint. And Bendicks Bittermints always make us happy.


Festive flat white

Is it wrong to put mince pie inside your coffee? Quite probably – but this curranty, unexpectedly boozy-tasting concoction did actually make us feel quite Christmassy (sadly there’s no actual booze in it). It did also have quite a nasty tang – only order this if you’re feeling manically full of cheer.


Festive winter salad

Christmas salads are divisive, but this one is actually quite nice. Possibly because it hasn’t got any turkey in it. Made with butternut squash, creamy Wensleydale & cranberry cheese and a zingy apple and sprout slaw (yes sprouts!) – if you’re on a pre-Chrimbo diet, but still want to feel a bit festive – look no further.

Pret mince pie

Mince pie

We take a big bite. We wiggle our eyebrows. We hook our thumbs into our stonewashed jean pockets and say – confidently, sexily, to nobody in particular – ‘It’s underbaked. It’s deep and I like the filling but your pastry’s too soft and too thick.’ The imaginary Mary Berry at our side nods in agreement. The contestant cries. Christmas is ruined.

Pret Christmas specials, Melvin the snowman cookie

Melvin the melting gingerbread snowman

You don’t even need to eat this admittedly-quite-clever novelty biscuit to get the most out of it. Just put it in front of your mum, or your mate’s mum, or literally anyone’s mum and she’ll tell you it’s the most hilarious and adorable thing she’s ever seen. And she’ll have a point – look at Melvin’s sanguine half-grin. He knows death is coming. Death is coming and he’s given up fighting.

Pret Christmas specials, ham hock baguette

Ham hock, stuffing and apple baguette

Replacing leftfield meaty option, the shrug-inducing beef wellington baguette, this is one of three new dishes to feature ham hock. If you’ve never had ham hock, it’s basically pulled pork that’s been painted pink, and is often seen on the Christmas lunch tables of people who’ve never heard of turkey. It works well in this well-balanced baguette, which also features those little crispy onions you got hooked on at Harvester.


Christmas muffin

A nice fluffy, moist muffin – the best thing about this is it tastes festive rather than in-your-face-Christmassy. Yes it’s got currants and orange zest and almonds in the mix, but it’s not overwhelming, y’know? Pret could put this on the menu in March and it wouldn’t be weird, which makes this muffin the perfect antidote if you feel like you never want to look at a mince pie again.

Pret Christmas specials, ham hock and sprout macaroni

Ham hock and sprout macaroni cheese

It takes a particularly bold global sandwich chain to put brussels sprouts on the menu, and it seems Pret’s got the plums to experiment with the much-maligned vegetable. Incredibly, they’re not even the weirdest ingredient in this hot ’n’ steamy mash-up of pasta, gooey cheese and flaked pig – that’d be the cauliflower. Brace yourself, though – it’s fairly delicious.

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