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London's best Mexican restaurants

Mexican food is alive and kicking in the capital, and there's not a sombrero or tequila slammer in sight.

Londoners may have witnessed a taco takeover in recent years, but there’s so much more to the capital’s ever-growing Mexican food scene. From badass burritos to tip-top tostadas and exemplary enchiladas, we’ve rounded up the restaurants around the city that put the ‘fun’ in fundido.

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Benito's Hat

4 out of 5 stars

It’s all about the burritos at Benito’s Hat – a vibrant Tex-Mex joint dreamed up by a former City lawyer. The interior might look like something out of central casting, but the fast-moving counter churns out some the best floury filled tortillas in town, backed by a 10-strong line-up of fresh salsas. Tacos, salads and antojitos also go well with Benito’s merciless margaritas.

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La Bodega Negra (restaurant)

4 out of 5 stars

Venue says: “Get 50% off food Sunday to Wednesday if you dine before 7pm. Book using the code 'Frida'.”

Don’t be fooled by the ‘sex shop’ frontage – there’s nothing sleazy about this dark, loud basement rendezvous. La Bodega is dressed to thrill and its homely take on Mexican cuisine always looks pretty – check out the beautifully presented tacos, ceviches, tostadas and ‘hot plates’ such as roast chicken with freekeh. Despite small portions and two-hour table limits, this is a must-try. 

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Breddos Tacos

4 out of 5 stars

Former pop-up Breddos is now in the big time, and making the most of its teensy Clerkenwell spot. Ogle the wall of disco records while you sit elbow-to-elbow at a communal table – no worries, the food will get you talking. Creative global tacos are the headline acts, and they’re mould-breakers: crunchy nut sweetbreads with pea mole and coriander root, anyone?  

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Old Street

Casa Morita

4 out of 5 stars

Bargain prices suit the setting at this family-run Mexican eatery in Brixton’s foodie market complex. The menu’s brief, but there’s bags of choice, flavours are big and the colours bold: we recommend the tacos appetisers, the enchiladas suizas, the zingy chocolate cake laced with árbol chillis and – of course – the potent cocktails. Be warned: service can be market-trader curt.

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Club Mexicana at Pamela

4 out of 5 stars

The fish tacos are made from tofu, the ‘scallops’ are king oyster mushrooms and the ‘chicken wings’ are chook-free – welcome to the totally vegan Tex-Mex world of Club Mexicana. The owners trumpet their commitment to ethical sourcing, while the short menu offers up small plates, quesadillas and taquitos as well as variants on the tacos theme involving jackfruit and suchlike. Racy cocktails too.

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4 out of 5 stars

Venue says: “On the weekends, join our Bottomless Brunch. Enjoy 2 hours of free-flowing Bloody Marys, Bucks Fizz & Frozen Margaritas for £20 per guest.”

Generous tacos served with lashings of old-school hospitality is the deal at Corazón – an unassuming, cosy and sincere taqueria custom-built for Soho’s hungry hordes. Head to the bar and counter for cocktails and nibbles; sit in the main space for a full-on nosh – perhaps crab tostadas followed by a masa cake stuffed with pig’s head and bone marrow. Gentle prices, genial service.

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Daddy Donkey

4 out of 5 stars

Billed as a ‘kick-ass Mexican grill’, one-time street stall Daddy Donkey has morphed into a permanent behemoth among Leather Lane’s cheap handbags, shoes and CDs. That old takeaway feel is still there, but the quality’s consistent – try a ‘naked burrito’ (sans tortilla) or the signature Daddy D with a choice of five fillings. The combinations are endless – and so are the queues.

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DF Mexico

3 out of 5 stars

‘DF’ stands for Mexico City’s Distrito Federal, but this affordable, mass-market offshoot of the Wahaca chain couldn’t be more London – and fashion-conscious with it. All the trademarks are here: strikingly modern design, cheery staff, no bookings and Mexican fast food with a hipster spin. Open tacos hit the spot, as do the pork pibil tortas – a trendy Mex riff on the burger.

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El Pastór

4 out of 5 stars

If you need cheering up, head down to this Mexican hideaway beneath the arches by Borough Market. Owned by the Hart brothers (of Barrafina fame), Pastór is a taco joint with pedigree and a rollicking fiesta vibe. Order the mighty ‘al pastór’ pork taco, the DIY short rib or the ‘gringa’ quesadillas with fresh salsas and a blast of loud Latin music.  

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South Bank

Killer Tomato

4 out of 5 stars

Now holed up in SheBu, this permanent reboot of street-food hero Matt Paice’s perambulating van has evolved from zealous veggie to likeable omnivore – and it’s an all-round cracker. What to eat? The crayfish tostadas with tomatillo salsa, the Korean-style chicken taco and the ‘cheeseburger’ combo are all excellent with a pokey tequila cocktail. No cash, no bookings, but plenty of smiles all round.

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Shepherd's Bush


4 out of 5 stars

Despite a clipboard-toting greeter, Taqueria has a charming indie feel with its bare wood floors, film posters, Latin soundtrack and unfussy food. Tacos are the big hits (try the version with home-cured chorizo), but there are also a few tostadas, enchiladas and the usual suspects on the side. Drink Mexican beer, mezcal and tequila, or stay sober with a cooling ‘aguas frescas’.

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4 out of 5 stars

Wahaca’s vibrant interiors, unfailingly bubbly service and self-styled Mexican market food are synonymous with good times in the capital – and this Fitzrovia branch is no exception. From the steak burritos to the little black bean tostadas, just about everything on the instantly addictive menu is an outright winner. Takeaways, a standalone mezcal bar and a breakfast menu are further reasons to be cheerful.

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By: Laura Richards


Justin B

Very glad to see the vastly over-hyped and disappointing Santo Remedio doesn't get a mention (except in this comment ... doh!)

julian k

If you're in Streatham check out El Chicos, great value food and cocktails!!!

Oliver V

Benito's Hat, Daddy Donkey?! DF Mexico? Wahaca?! I thought it was a list about Mexican restaurants, not Tex Mex crap

Paul F

Tex-Mex is not Mexican, and you missed Peyote and Mestizo the only genuine restaurants. Not sure what Wahaca is .... it’s not Mexican

Tara C

Casa del Burrito in Stoke Newington!!! Short, delicious menu, especially their tacos, and run by a Mexican couple. Brilliantly decorated too 

Jocelyn A

Happy to see Bodega Negra in the list. Surprised you missed Mestizo in Hampstead Road.

Glyn C

Limehouse's Salsas in a taxi car park/repair, off of Butchers Row north of Cable, is a street food stand. His buttermilk chicken tacos are awesome. Everything I have had from there is always great. 3 minutes from Limehouse DLR. Affordable!

Letitia H

I can't believe Comensal in Clapham isn't on here! I know it's not central but for me, it's one of the only authentic Mexican restaurants I've found outside of Mexico. Its only nod towards tex mex is takeaway burritos, which are actually really good, and then it's enchiladas, ceviche, tacos, all the traditional dishes all the way..... The last review from Timeout for this place was a year ago so do not rely on it, I think maybe back then the restaurant was trying to be contemporary Mexican cuisine with a twist, but now it is simple, easy real Mexican food... I end up going there almost every week for cocktails and their incredible guac which has to be the best i've tried.

Jenna W

Apart from Mestizo, my favourite for Mexico city cuisine is Lupita on villers street. Some of the reviews on timeout have given it a bad rep, but like others here I would say- why is everyone roaming the city in search of burritos??? That's not real Mexican food!! Order the atun mazatlan, the sinaloense or the chicharron De queso and tell me you don't enjoy yourself! Lupita deserves a second chance by timeout!


As a new comer to this - Mamacita in West Hampstead should be added. All meat gourmet burritos, but not Mexican fast food - a proper, lovely restaurant and bar with a great vibe. Authentic Mexican, all Mexican kitchen team (my girlfriend assures me as she popped her head in for a chat as she's from mexico city). Great place and should be on the list.


Benito's hat is way too bland.

Anna McQuaid

Cafe Chula should definitely be on this list! Deliciously fresh food. Okay, maybe more on the Baja/Californian side than deep into Mexico but a top option all the same


Tortilla Mexican Grill (on the cheap side) and Mestizo (on the pricier side) cannot be ignored! The middle section of the Wahaca menu is quite authentic too. I've never heard of the places above but I am willing to try them.


What about La Perla and/or Cafe Pacifico? Both actual Mexican not just TexMex! Agreed Mestizo is blatantly absent!!!


Ya, and why is Cafe Chula not on the list?


My god no Chilango on this list? I've been a loyal customer of them for years now since their first burrito place in Angel, and their burritos are absolutely the best I've had in London, and I've had everything on the above list and in the comments! Wahaca is great new favourite for sure, but also love the longstanding and always excellent Cafe Pacifico in Covent Garden.

Laura May

To agree with a few of the posts below - this list (of 4?) doesnt really do justice to Mexican food in London. Mestizo (on Euston Road) really should top the list, their passion for bringing traditional Mexican (as opposed to TexMex) to Londoners is obvious. Their sister joint El Burrito (round the corner from Benito's Hat) translates that into great, cheap and tasty street food that goes way beyond the burrito. Wahaca too really should get a mention - I doubt this article would have been written if it weren’t for their influence on mainstream tastes. Taqueria is great though (although it always feels very pricey), and Boho Mexica also tops.


As a Mexican i have searched throughout London trying to find the best Mexican food and the Taqueria is the best Mexican food not Tex-Mex but Mexican food you can get in London.Also there is a very good vibe in there especially with Rodrigo the manager


Tex-Mex, as the name obviously implies, is an adaptation of Mexican cuisine to a Texan context (i.e. availability of lots of cheap meat). Authentic Mexican food would includes regional dishes from all around the country, to name a few important ones Oaxaca (black mole, grashoppers), Puebla (camotes, rompope, sweets, pipian), Veracruz (fish Veracruz style, cebiche), Yucatan (chicken or pork in escabeche, papadzules, cochinita pibil, panuchos, eggs Motul style, cheese soup), Mexico City (enfrijoladas, entomatadas, atole), Sinaloa (fish or shrimp tacos), Guadalajara (drowned eggs, drowned torta, meat on its juice) and so on and so forth. Now pray tell me, where do you see a burrito? Most Texans would not know any of these dishes, so why the insistence of you, the "experts", in bundling together Mexican and Tex-Mex when they are clearly different beasts? (and the difference is not subtle at all as I hope you can see). That you don't even mention Mestizo, one of the few that try to offer the real thing, says it all really.


Tauqeria definitely has to be the best in London, they offer a tasty selection of food that is both approachable but also very authentic. A great selection of aquas frescas too. My only complaint would be that the price have definitely risen considerably in the last few years.

Oscar, Mexican living in London

Best street food don't look further, 'Taqueria' is the best. Just like being in Mexico. I've heard 'Mestizo' in Euston is really good. I have not been there yet though; it is also a bit pricey.

James Stanton-Scott

Adobo on High Holborn is amazing...I had the adobo marinated chicken and chorizo burrito, loaded with Habanero sauce and Guac, low priced and generous portions...mouthwateringly good. They do serious single source Mexican coffee too...highly recommended...


You say 'Mexican food is alive and kicking' and put only one restaurant on the list?? What about Mestizo, Wahaca, Taqueria and Santo as the other poster said. Oh, and there is a lot better than Daddy Donkey for burritos too. Boho Mexica is great though!

Notting Hill local

Santo on Portabello Road is great for real quality Mexican food and fiesta vibe, even the waiters are mostly smell of alcohol...