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Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/David A. Hudson

4th of July in L.A.: A complete guide for fireworks, events and more

Celebrate with 4th of July events in Los Angeles like fireworks shows, parades, BBQ and patriotic things to do

Michael Juliano
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Michael Juliano

In case the constant barrage of pops outside of your window didn’t give it away, the 4th of July is just about here—and we’re pretty psyched. Independence Day combines all of the things we love most about summer in Los Angeles: an excuse to find things to do outside, settle in at a picnic spot with friends and watch the night sky come alive in sparkly explosions. So read on for our favorite local picks for the 4th of July in L.A., including events, fireworks, food and more.

Things to do for 4th of July

The best BBQ in Los Angeles

The best BBQ in Los Angeles

There’s BBQ and then there’s BBQ—you know, the kind that leaves you licking your sauce-coated fingers.