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The 24 most Instagrammable things in L.A.

The 24 most Instagrammable things in L.A.
Photograph: Courtesy @mai_perspective

Before you lap up that ice cream cone, start sipping that cup of coffee or wrap up that hike, you of course need to take a photo for Instagram. We’re only half-joking; sure, you should primarily do something because it brings you joy, but if documenting it brings in a few extra likes, well, who are we to argue. So get snapping, Angelenos, with these 24 landmarks, dishes and drinks that are ripe for Instagram.




The Bridge to Nowhere

Psst: You’ll want a sturdy pair of shoes and a dry pair of socks to navigate the river crossings during this 10-mile round-trip hike to behold a lonesome bridge north of Azusa.

Sandstone Peak

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Palm Trees

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El Matador State Beach

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Chinese Garden at the Huntington Library

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Latte art at Carrera Cafe

Psst: Forget hearts and leaves: This Melrose café can print any photo or pattern onto latte foam via the Coffee Ripples app and heat up your social media feed.

Double-Double at In-N-Out Burger

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Fresh produce at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market

Sorrel pesto rice bowl at Sqirl

Coconut acai bowl from Amazebowls




Micheltorena Stairs

Psst: Artist Corinne Carrey gave a little love to L.A. with her heart-shaped oral arrangements along the 101 freeway, as well as on this chromatically painted public staircase in Silver Lake.

L.A. from above

Interior of the Bradbury Building

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“Urban Light” at LACMA

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Santa Monica Pier entrance

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PsstThis is the most photogenic end of Route 66 (#sorrynotsorry, Chicago).

Diver on top of the Museum of Neon Art

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Neon signs at Grand Central Market

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The old United Artists Theatre marquee

“But First, Coffee” sign at Alfred Coffee Silverlake




A box seat at the Hollywood Bowl

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Psst: Can’t score a prime seat? L.A.’s most beautiful amphitheater doubles as a public park when there’s no show going on.

“Infinity Mirrored Room” at the Broad

The tiled floor at République

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Club 33 at Disneyland

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Fried chicken sandwich at Howlin’ Ray’s

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