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Here’s where to find the coolest restaurant merch in L.A.

Wear your love of these restaurants and cafés on your sleeve with the best food-inspired fits in Los Angeles.

Go Get Em Tiger, coffee, merch, hat, restaurant merch, restaurant hat
Photograph: Courtesy Go Get Em Tiger

There’s never been a better time to support—and rep—your favorite local restaurants. And if you’ve tried to find parking on Fairfax during a major streetwear drop, you know just how hard Angelenos go for new fits, and how long they’ll wait in line; it almost rivals how hard we all go and how long we wait for new restaurants, so it should come as no surprise that L.A.’s recently found major overlap between the streetwear and food worlds.

Chefs at some of L.A.’s best restaurants and designers are teaming up now more than ever, giving us some of the finest merch the city’s ever seen. Here’s your guide to the top tees, sweatshirts, food-inspired sneakers and snapbacks so you can show some love for your favorite restaurant (or just your favorite plate of pasta).

The best food fits in L.A.

Go Get Em Tiger merch
Photograph: Courtesy Go Get Em Tiger
Restaurants, Coffee shops

Go Get Em Tiger

Larchmont Village

Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski have slowly been taking over L.A.’s coffee-shop scene, and over the last couple years they’ve nearly cornered the market on great merch, too. Almost no restaurant, bar or café takes retail and apparel as seriously—or has more fun with it—than Go Get Em Tiger. Some of GGET’s merchandise can be found year-round (never leave us, “COFFEE” snapback or tumblers), but the café also releases limited-run seasonal items, too, so it’s always worth checking back. There are hoodies, crew necks, dad hats, tees and even ceramics, most made through collabs with local makers and printers. And if you really pledge your allegiance to this coffee shop, the’ve even got a coffee subscription service.

Waterfront Venice Boardwalk merch the shed
Photograph: Stephanie Breijo
Restaurants, Cafés

The Waterfront


What does the most California beer garden look like? That’s easy: an all-day cafe right along the Venice Boardwalk with frozen drinks and beer galore, plus plenty of surf vibes. Venice’s The Waterfront keeps the sunshine and good times going with The Shed, a repurposed shipping container in their beer garden and it sells plenty of curated wares, including merch from the restaurant and bar itself. From custom scented candles that smell like sunblock and salt air to embroidered hats to their own surf wax to totes to beanies to tees that proclaim “COLDEST BEER IN VENICE,” The Waterfront and its Shed are hawking some of the breeziest, coolest and beachiest merch in all of L.A.

In N Out Merch
Photograph: Courtesy In-N-Out Burger
Restaurants, Fast food spots

In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out might not have the sleekest merch, but it’s got the biggest breadth—and come on, do you really not want to sport a burger on your lounge pants? Their online store offers just about anything you can fathom, in addition to the usual hats and hoodies: honest-to-god–cool Christmas ornaments, tees sporting the classic red-and-white menu, toddler onesies, truck hitch covers, playing cards, drink-cup shoes, wallets, baby blankets, aprons, socks and even lip balms, which, unfortunately, don’t come in burger or fries flavors—sorry, milkshakes and lemonade only. There’s even the haute-inspired line, Vault 48, where you can snag collectors-edition merch such as dangly charm bracelets emblazoned with the famed yellow arrow; a $90 longboard deck; limited-run prints; Swarovski-crystal keychains; and black-and-gold men’s wristwatches sporting the iconic crossed palm trees. 

Burgerlords best restaurant merch la
Photograph: Courtesy Burgerlords
Restaurants, Hamburgers



Fred and Max Guerrero grew up as burger royalty, the sons of Andre Guerrero, founder of the Oinkster. But they also grew up Angelenos, and their love of streetwear and skate culture is just as embedded as their love of burgers (plant-based or otherwise). Their online shop always offers a handful of Burgerlords tees and caps (including this great dad hat that says “Hamburgers plain and fancy”) and you can sometimes catch limited-run accessories and knickknacks such as fannypacks, skateboard collabs and zines. There’s even a Pac-Man oven mitt and a tote inspired by The Crow.

EP LP restaurant merch in Los Angeles
Photograph: Courtesy E.P. & L.P.
Restaurants, Pan-Asian

E.P. & L.P.

West Hollywood

As restaurants go, E.P./L.P. is one of L.A.’s biggest scenes, with a rooftop bar where you want to be seen. Fittingly, this spot sells some of the top merch in town—because it’s exactly the type of place you want to advertise you’ve been, if you care about being seen to begin with. Most of the shopping skews streetwear—snapbacks, long-cut tees, bomber jackets—and references E.P./L.P.’s locally-iconic neon (“WHERE LOVE LIVES”). Of course, even if you don’t care about namedropping, these fits are still worth snagging: Do we need the “DAN DAN NOODLE” sweatshirt? No, but do we want it more than maybe anything else on this list? Probably. You can also cop enamel pins, embroidered tees, and even custom leather green-and-white sneakers, for the sneakerheads.

Restaurants, Vegan

Monty’s Good Burger

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Imagine the best burger joint you can imagine, with counter seating overlooking the flat-top and thick shakes in all the classic flavors—now imagine it all vegan, and with a killer playlist. The casual cool of Monty’s Good Burger is all over the merch, too, with baseball tees, checkered-sleeved shirts, hoodies, caps and, our personal favorite, a black zip-up hoodie with the iconic Misfits skull redrawn to look like the burger shacks’ namesake, Monty the dog. (OK, we have two favorites: We love the Dodger-blue cap featuring a flying burger, too.) You can only find these goods in-store—which means K-Town, Echo Park or Riverside—so, shucks, you might as well scoop up one of the best vegan burgers and a shake in the process. 

Modern Times merch
Photograph: Courtesy Modern Times Beer
Bars, Beer bars

Modern Times Beer’s Dankness Dojo


Retro enthusiasts welcome: Modern Times Beer’s L.A. taproom feels like a 1980s wonderland that’s decorated with vintage Beta-tape cases and comic strips, and the so-called Dankness Dojo sets the mood for fun when it comes to merch, too. There are enamel pins, pom beanies and retro-font tees, plus other chill apparel like, say, his and hers windbreakers we’re definitely eyeing. 

Jon & Vinny's restaurant merch shop Los Angeles Fusilli Palace
Photograph: Courtesy Jon & Vinny's
Restaurants, Italian

Jon & Vinny’s

Fairfax District

What other L.A. restaurant inspires and collaborates with streetwear designers as often as Fairfax’s modern red-sauce spot? If you can believe it, some of Jon & Vinny’s fits have been harder to land than a weekend table, selling out faster than you can finish an order of spicy fusilli in vodka sauce. (Funnily enough, PizzaSlime’s Spicy Fusilli shirt is one of those collabs that came and went ASAP.) But when they’re not dropping limited-run merch with Madhappy, Vans and others, Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook also keep their own merch line open, with a “Fusilli Palace” sweatshirt and a handful of tees—including a Hebrew-font nod to the neighborhood and an old-school pizza logo. They’ve even got you covered with a stadium-seat cushion that looks like their green-and-white pizza box.

Photograph: Courtesy Cofax
Restaurants, Coffee shops

Cofax Coffee Shop

Fairfax District

Los Angeles is home to the Dodgers, and Cofax is home to the sweets-themed Dodgers shirts. The Fairfax coffee shop and bakery is blue year-round, what with the bobbleheads around the counter and the Dodger-blue logo—not to mention the “donuts” tees, which feature a flying doughnut in lieu of a baseball. But these sell out fast, especially during the season, so keep an eye on Cofax’s online shop and Instagram for sales updates. Dad hats, branded glass mugs and bags of beans are also usually on offer, but come on—are you really going to walk out of there without a tee that says “BURRITOS AND CAFFEINE”?

Jonathan Gold shirt from Prospect Pine chef Josef Centeno
Photograph: Courtesy Baco/Will Tee Yang
Restaurants, Mediterranean

Bäco Mercat, Bar Amá and Orsa & Winston

Downtown Historic Core

In addition to helming some of the best restaurants in the city, chef Josef Centeno quietly runs Prospect Pine, a clothing line of napkins, shirts, jackets and tees carefully hand-dyed by the chef himself, using natural, sustainable coloring from the likes of indigos and kitchen scraps such as beets and carrots. Our favorite tee? His sold-out, fundraising tribute to the late, great Jonathan Gold. You can find Prospect Pine and other merch in Centeno’s online shop, which sports goods from his small restaurant empire: There are cookbooks, totes, and restaurant shirts that even reference Bad Brains and the Grateful Dead. Stock runs out quickly, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Roberta's best L.A. restaurant merch
Photograph: Courtesy Roberta's
Restaurants, Italian

Roberta’s Pizza

Culver City

Blistered, fluffy-crusted pizzas aren’t the only thing Roberta’s specializes in. The Culver City-by-way-of-Brooklyn pizzeria slings some of the most fun merch in town, whether you’re looking for a pocket tee of a T-Rex riding a skateboard while eating a slice or a long-sleeved pizza pentagram shirt (hail pizza). The online shop also sports their cookbook, plus limited-run items like a shirt from Obey and a pair of lifeguard-inspired pool shorts.

Uncle Paulie's deli merch
Photograph: Courtesy Uncle Paulie's
Restaurants, Delis

Uncle Paulie’s


This New York-style, nouveau-throwback Italian deli makes its own mozzarella daily, sells cold cuts by the pound in its Beverly Grove outpost and stacks subs with some serious flavor combos (especially the hot subs in their DTLA deli), but it keeps the old-school deli vibes alive in more than just the food. There are photos, posters and even art pieces around the spaces that look like ’50s and ’60s hand-painted signs, and some of that’s made its way to the deli’s merch. The snapbacks rotate in material and color, while the pocket tees scream streetwear—which is, we suppose, what we should have expected from one of the co-owners being fashion designer Jon Buscemi. 

Photograph: Courtesy Found Oyster
Restaurants, Seafood

Found Oyster

East Hollywood

One of L.A.’s newest spots is already in the great-merch game. Ari Kolender’s chipper Hollywood seafood shack only has a couple tees for sale so far, but they’re punny and both worth copping: Given their location, the “Once A Prawn A Time in Hollywood” is a given, and the riff on the Tarantino hit stars “Leonardo DiCarpaccio” and “Crab Pitt.” If you’re more of an ’80s kid, the “Risky Bisqueness,” starring “Tom Cruistacean”—a lobster in a white Oxford shirt and shades—should do the trick.

Sqirl merch tee
Photograph: Courtesy Sqirl
Restaurants, Cafés


Virgil Village

Sqirl’s merch skews minimalist, but that’s entirely the charm. Jessica Koslow’s lauded and loved California-cuisine spot usually offers a few tees and a market tote (if a meal at Sqirl won’t inspire you to hit your local farmers market, we don’t know what will), and our favorite new Sqirl tee is a collab with local art director and artist Jam Sayne—and says “the literal house of” in front, and “jam” in back. Pick one up the next time you swing by for a very jam-packed breakfast or lunch, and don’t forget a few jars to take home, while you’re at it.

Best restaurant merch
Photograph: Courtesy Tacos 1986
Restaurants, Mexican

Tacos 1986

Downtown Arts District

The iconic shade of red, the killer tacos, the kissy faces: These are some of the hallmarks of one of the best taco shops in the game, and now we can at least look like we’re part of the Tacos 1986 crew, even if we’ll never actually be that cool. Owners Victor Delgado and Jorge “Joy” Alvarez-Tostado almost always don their own merch as uniforms, and now you can, too, with white tees and red tees and hoodies and crew necks and caps. Our pick? Get in the game with their windbreaker “coach jacket,” or, really, anything else they’ve got in the online store.

Goldburger restaurant merch
Photograph: Courtesy Goldburger
Restaurants, Hamburgers


Thai Town

Goldburger’s Allen Yelent has rotated inspiration for his tees and snapbacks, playing off sports teams and other L.A. iconography over the last year. So in addition to making some of the best smashburgers in all of L.A., Yelent’s also got an online shop with some of the coolest merch: It’s all about the burger, and that’s taken the form of Lakers-inspired tees and Dodgers-blue caps alike. Currently, we’re into his beachy “For a limited time only” hoodie, and the black snapback with a green underbill.

merch, restaurant merch Clare V.
Photograph: Courtesy Petit Trois
Restaurants, French

Petit Trois


L.A. designer Clare V.’s best known for her leather bags and monogramming, but we’re smitten with her collab with Ludo Lefebvre. The chef’s French bistro occasionally teams up with designers, and Clare V.’s merch features Petit Trois’s signature snail surrounded by askew letters spelling out “RALENTIR”: “SLOW DOWN,” in French. It’s adorable, and it’s also great advice we wish we could follow every time we scarf down that Big Mec burger. You can also find snail caps here, plus other design collabs.

Clark Street Bread merch
Photograph: Courtesy Clark Street Bread
Restaurants, Bakeries

Clark Street Bread

Historic Filipinotown

Rep your carbs thanks to a brand new online store dedicated to Zack Hall’s glorious homespun bakery. There are tees and sweatshirts with block letters denoting one of the city’s best spots for croissants, bread and toasts, and there’s also an option for gift cards, so you can dig in later, too. What goes better than carbs and being cozy? Absolutely nothing.