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Leaning tower of Pisa and  Brickman Brian McKnight
Photograph: Graham Denholm

A sneak peek at the huge new Lego exhibition at Melbourne Museum

Written by
Delima Shanti

A while ago we announced that Melbourne was getting its biggest ever Lego exhibition. Well, friends, that time has come. Brickman: Wonders of the World is now open at the Melbourne Museum and will be on from April 1 to May 7. 

Wonders of the World is an interactive exhibition from the Southern Hemisphere's only Lego Certified Professional, Ryan 'The Brickman' McNaught, who worked with his team of seven Lego architects to recreate the world's ancient and modern wonders, from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.

All up, the exhibition took over 5000 man hours to build out of about 2.5 millions Lego pieces, and that's not even counting the other 2.5 million loose pieces that museum visitors will be able to play with and build their own Lego structures. Brickman McNaught, who describes himself as a proud Melburnian, says the exhibition's aim is "education by stealth". "We want kids to learn without realising that they are learning. Lego is a great way to hook them in to learn about history's greatest works."

The exhibition certainly isn't just for kids. Lego fans of all ages will get a chance to display their own Lego builds alongside the Brickman's masterpieces. One thing's for sure though, make sure you get up close to the exhibition's show pieces to take a good look at the tiny Lego men and women lurking around the pieces!



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