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A world record-breaking new waterslide is coming to Melbourne

Written by
Juliana Yu

Enter a whole new universe of thrills and spills when a world record-breaking waterslide opens on October 21 at Funfields Theme Park – Melbourne's huge adventure park less than an hour's drive from the CBD. 

The Gravity Wave will launch riders off a 26.8 metre-high platform, hurtling them down 186 metres of tubing as they reach speeds of seven metres per second. Then, due to inertia and acceleration and other things we’d understand if we’d paid attention in Year 11 physics, riders will experience weightlessness and zero g-forces as they scale the vertical heights of the Gravity Wave wall.

Seriously, this ain't for the faint-hearted. It’s the largest waterslide of its kind in the world, outsizing others located as far abroad as the US, China, Sweden and Spain. Just look at this monster:

For those not quite ready to put their togs on the line, don’t commit to minding the bags just yet. There’s plenty of gentler thrills spread out over the Whittlesea theme park’s 40 acres, from go-karts and toboggans to mini golf and bumper boats.

But when a record-breaking waterslide opens up just 40 minutes drive from the CBD in time for summer, it seems like a downright waste to not give it a go.

At any rate, it’s a lot easier than getting into NASA, and a lot cheaper than paying Elon Musk a few dozen million bucks for a ticket on SpaceX.

The Gravity Wave opens October 21 at Funfields Theme Park.

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