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City of Melbourne is putting up $2.6 million towards more public events

Rebecca Russo

As if your nightlife wasn’t chock-a-block full of excellent events already, the City of Melbourne want to throw more dollars towards building up our public events calendar.

Announced this week, the City of Melbourne will be putting up $2.6 million in funding for three event sponsorship programs in an effort to ensure Melbourne’s renowned events continue to be inclusive and accessible for all. Basically, they're taking that crown we got for being Australia's events capital, popping a few more glittery stars on it and placing it back in its rightful place on our heads. It's brilliant. 

These sponsorship programs include the Triennial Sponsorship Program, which helps to deliver major iconic annual events (like White Night) the Business Events Sponsorship Program, which focuses on hosting business events and conferences; and (possibly the most exciting of them all) the Event Partnership Program which will be boosting up local free events.

Free events are what Melbourne thrives on – and we certainly know how to party without the exorbitant prices. For example there’s White Night this weekend, events at Shimmerlands, popular city markets and the exciting new Fed in French to name a few. 

As acting Lord Mayor Arron Wood puts it: “The City of Melbourne's support for these events enables them to include free or low-cost elements, which means everyone can access them and our city businesses are stimulated with additional patronage".

What are you waiting for? See more of Melbourne's best free events here.

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