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End your day with pancakes and cocopops at Melbourne's first-ever brinner festival
Written by
Rebecca Russo

Fact: Breakfast food tastes better at dinner time. Maybe it’s because our bodies are more into scarfing down big comforting flavours when the day in winding down. Or maybe it’s because after a full day of work/uni/Netflix binging, a stack of pancakes or a hefty serving of eggs benedict just feels right.

Luckily people are catching onto the idea of brinner. Retail hub 206 Bourke Street is throwing Melbourne’s first breakfast for dinner festival, appropriately named Brinner Fest.  

Melburnians are invited to dine on brekky classics and one-off brinner fusions after the sun goes down on Friday August 25. Running from 5pm until 10pm, you can catch Toasta serving smashed avo on toast, Fancy Hank's with their smoked bacon and egg tacos, plus My Two Mums will be serving ice cream sandwiches with fruit loops and cocopops.

206 Bourke Street residents Tim Ho Wan, China Red, Dragon Boat Restaurant and China Chilli will be bringing the Asian flavours as well. Keep your eyes peeled for deep fried crispy avocado rolls, sesame prawn toast and egg, handmade vegetarian breakfast spring rolls and Chinese sausage buns.

And because it is after five on a Friday, Liquid Infusion will be serving breakfast themed cocktails – think strawberry jam coladas, marmalade Martinis, grapefruit slammers and some Espresso Martinis. Plus, if you’re of the first 50 guests on the night, you’ll go into the chance to eat and drink free for the night. Not only that but Tim Ho Wan will be giving away 600 free deep fried crispy avocado rolls. Winner winner free brinner.  

Live out your brinner dreams at 206 Bourke Street on Friday August 25.

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